With anti-aging skincare, cosmetics surgery and procedures— invasive and non-invasive— fast gaining popularity and becoming more easily accessible, the global anti-aging market is expected to reach $216.52 Billion in worth by 2021,(change to GBP pricing please!) according to Zion Market Research. In The UK alone, in 2017 around 28,325 anti-aging cosmetic procedures were performed and in 2018 sales for anti-aging skin care and moisturizers shot up by 10%. 

The high costs of most procedures and products sometimes make it hard to tell if any of these are worth the money and process. However, if you want to give your looks a boost of youthful rejuvenation, there are quite a few treatments that will give you that radiance and glow, without costing you a fortune.

Listed below are the three most effective treatments that can improve skin aging, all under £500.


What it does

As we age and our skin matures, the collagen and elastin production in our skin tapers off towards a steady decline, as does ourcell turnover. The decrease in natural skin shedding means that dead cells, product particles and other debris can build up on our skin, making it appear dull, dry and flaky.

Microdermabrasion removes this outer layer of dead skin, gently smoothing it out and giving it an instant healthy glow.

How it works

Microdermabrasion uses tiny abrasive diamond particles on a handheld device to heavily exfoliate the skin. Think of it as an advanced exfoliation session, with results that can last anywhere from two to three weeks.

Price per session

£30 – £60 per session, depending on the clinic.

If you want to check out affordable options for microdermabrasion treatments in the UK, we offer high quality standalone treatments as well as a combination with Mandelic acid peels at Simply Clinics.

Chemical peels

What it does

Your skin is made up of multiple layers. Sometimes, considering harsh effects of the sun, environmental pollutions and poor skin hygiene, this can leave the outer layer of your skin dull, tired and in need of rejuvenation.

With a chemical peel, this top layer of your skin is removed with the help of a strong chemical and a fresh new layer of skin is revealed. Peels assist in reducing the appearance of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, discoloration, fine lines and age spots amongst others.

How it works

An acid (glycolic, lactic, alpha or beta hydro oxy) that is suitable for your particular skin type is applied to your face and left for the time required to achieve the full effect without causing any damage. Results typically take about a week to start showing as the skin requires some time to heal after a session. The acid base of the peel exfoliates your skin.

Price per session

£30 – £100 per session depending on your skin type, strength of the acid used and nature of the treatment.

It is always recommended to get chemical peels done at a reputed skin clinic. If you’re in the UK, we offer Obagi Blue Peel Radiance and Mandelic Acid Chemical peels at our quality clinics across Uxbridge, Southgate and Shepherd’s Bush. Get in touch to book a free consultation with one of our therapists!


What it does

With recent studies suggesting that Botox may have long lasting, anti-aging effects; the treatment has gained quite a bit of popularity as a preventive procedure.

Botox is an injection that paralyses your facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, drooping skin and frown lines. The theory goes, that if you can’t move your muscles, the wrinkles won’t form.

How it works

Botox works by essential blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, stopping movement, and hence, causing wrinkles to soften and fade whilst preventing new ones from forming at the same time.

Price per session

£100 to £350 per treatment.

At Simply Clinics, we offer top of the line Botox treatments which are performed by a fully qualified doctor.

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