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Dr Natasha

Aesthetics Practitioner

Simply’s precision expert

Dr Natasha is Simply Clinics’ latest addition to the aesthetics team. With over 8 years of experience as a doctor in A&E, she has extensive knowledge when dealing with high profile reconstructive and relocation procedures. Dr Natasha started her career as a junior doctor, where she excelled for 2 years before moving on to become a registrar doctor in A&E.

As an A&E doctor with a demanding, complicated day to day job, Doctor Natasha has gained the exceptional skills of high-level precision and attention to detail. Not only does this enable her to provide high quality treatments and seamless results, it allows for the risk reduction of any complications during treatment.

A&E provided Dr Natasha with a fast-paced environment where no day is the same. She enjoyed the practical elements of emergency medicine the most, which therefore encouraged her to delve into other physical sectors within the industry. From here, her interest in aesthetics was born! Prior to joining Simply Clinics as a practitioner, Dr Natasha underwent intensive training with Simply’s Founder and Head Aesthetician, Doctor Youssef. For the past 3 years Dr Youssef has been teaching Dr Natasha the Simply way to creating natural-looking, undetectable aesthetics.

Doctor Natasha believes that aesthetic treatments should optimise your natural beauty to allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in yourself. Aesthetics treatments do not always have to make you look fake or unnatural, but instead Doctor Natasha wants to promote natural beauty for a transformation on the inside, as well as the outside. You can find Dr Natasha’s work here.


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