Hair removal is an important beauty routine, followed religiously by many women and men. However, we can all agree that waxing, epilating or shaving is a long process that we wish we didn’t have to do.

That’s why Laser hair removal is a good option. Here’s why:

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Reasons Why It Beats All Other Methods

Laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of hair forever. That said, it can drastically reduce hair growth! You won’t have to even shave in-between treatments after some sessions, which is a permanent result.

There are other benefits by you should consider this, which are as follows:

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Only Takes 10 Minutes to Perform

Yes, you read that right. Laser hair removal treatments are a clinical procedure that requires a short time to conduct. You can schedule an appointment during lunchtime, get done with the procedure and still have time to grab a quick bite!

Of course, there are certain limitations to this 10 minute rule. Treating a smaller area will take a shorter time compared to a full leg appointment. Additionally, you’ll need to visit the treatment centre regularly, every four to six weeks for permanent results.

Eventually, you will only require touch-up appointments since the laser kills about 10% of hair follicles at each appointment.

Finding a Certified Laser Treatment Centre Is Easy

When it comes to laser hair removal, finding an affordable treatment centre isn’t the only thought. People must also pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene of the inside as well as qualified staff and technicians.

A quick Google search will list down several treatment centres near your location. Also look at the number of other services offered at the centre.

Less Pain Compared to Shaving and Waxing

Traditional hair removal methods like waxing offer a lot of pain, one reason why many people prefer shaving. This method doesn’t offer longer-lasting results and hair re-growth is coarse as well.

When it comes to pain, laser hair removal method comes between shaving (painless) and waxing (a lot of pain). Qualified technicians try to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, using ice to numb an area before and after treatment.

Can there be more reasons why laser hair removal is the best treatment method ever?

You can have this treatment done anywhere on the body!

It’s time to say goodbye to the pesky fine hairs on your legs and face. Schedule an appointment with Simply Clinics today.