Lasers treatments have emerged as the life-savers for our bodies. It seems like any imperfection can now be fixed with the beams of laser.

Laser-hair removal has now secured its place in the market and everyone can enjoy its benefits at very reasonable prices. The same applies to laser scar treatments; we can finally stop wasting money on OTC creams and serums that claim to lighten scars.

Laser treatments are also used to effectively remove fungus from the skin so we don’t have to spend days rubbing ointments onto the skin waiting for the fungus to disappear.

The most recent laser treatment to shake up the market is Laser Fat Removal. Laser fat removal is quickly gaining recognition because like all laser treatments, it’s a non-invasive solution to one of the most common body-related issues – unwanted fat.

How Laser-Fat Removal Works

Most laser procedures consist of using the laser to destroy targeted cells but in laser fat removal, fat cells are not eliminated, they are just shrunk.

The laser is used to puncture fat cells to allow their contents to leak causing the cells to deflate (similar to a punctured balloon). The fat then seeps into your interstitial fluid and is washed out by the lymphatic system. Since toxins are also stored in our fat, ridding the body from fat works like a cleanse.

You’ll be asked to come in for a few 20–40 minute sessions a week, for several weeks, to be ready to give so be ready to commit a good portion of your time to the treatment.

Does is hurt?

The procedure itself is completely pain-free. However, afterwards when the fat contents begin to make its way into your bloodstream you will feel lightheaded and tired. You will be advised to drink lots of water allow in order to flush the toxins and fat out of your body.

Does it work?

Laser fat removal isn’t a miracle treatment. Do not expect a big belly bulge to magically disappear after laser-fat removal; it is more of a complementary treatment for your weight-loss journey. Your dermatologist will advise you to embrace a healthy diet and incorporate exercise into your daily routines.

Laser fat removal works best for people who already lead a healthy lifestyle and are looking for some help with their problem areas – usually around the waist-line, hips and thighs. A health-conscious individual can lose several pounds with laser fat removal in just a couple of months.

Fat-freezing – the better alternative

Fat-freezing also known as CoolSculpting or 3D Lipo Cryolipolysis is more effective than laser fat removal.

It penetrates deep within the skin to freeze and destroy fat-cells completely which are excreted by the body. Fat-freezing is more non-invasive procedure compared to laser-fat removal as you won’t experience any discomfort during or after the process. The results from 3D Lipo are more visible; you can reduce big bulges of fats around your waist-line, hips and thighs.



Want to remove unwanted fat deposits on your body? Opt for 3D Lipo for long-term effects.

At Simply Clinics, we offer 4 different types of 3D Lipo treatments for you to choose from. Our team of expert skin therapists advise you on what treatment is most suitable for your needs.

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