Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook often revel in showing us images of celebrities with lip jobs that leave their lips looking horribly bloated. Needless to say, those images are a far cry from what lip fillers actually look (think Kylie Jenner!).

When it comes to lip fillers, bigger is not always better. If you insist on treating lip fillers like lipstick, you will likely end up with less-than-perfect results. Ask your therapist to guide you as to the correct dose and target areas.

What are some of the ways lip fillers help you?

Natural Fullness

Lip fillers will fill thinning lips. You can take the level of plumpness to what you’re comfortable with. When getting your lips done, the key is to keep your natural lip shape in mind. We all have different lip shapes like ‘the ribbon’, ‘the bow’ and ‘the apple’ to name a few. Each lip shape ‘fills out’ differently too.

Be sure to let your skin therapist know what look you are going for. If you want big beautiful Angelina Jolie-esque lips, let them know. If you’d rather have a subtle lift to your lips, clearly tell your therapist that.

Gradual Results

Natural lip fillers are given slowly over a period of time to produce the best results. If you are born with naturally thin lips, this option will make sure there is no sudden change to your lips.

If you aren’t too sure about a long-term lip enhancement job, a good option is Hyaluronic acid lip fillers. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body so causes little to no side-effects. The effects of such lip fillers are temporary and can be reversed if you want.


Plumping thin lips or enhancing the volume you already have doesn’t need to look fake. It’s all about finding the right therapists that understand your needs.

We at Simply Clinics offer the ultimate lip enhancing experience. Out team of expert skin therapists give each individual client their full attention to give you the treatments that will work best for them.

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