Micro-needling is also referred to as the following; medical skin needling, collagen induction therapy and percutaneous collagen induction. The best known of the devices delivering this sort of treatment are Dermaroller and Dermapen™.

At Simply clinics we invest a lot of time in vetting and comparing the market to offer only the very best treatments in our clinics at an affordable price. We have found the Dermapen™ produces the best results*, causes least pain and results in least side effects.

Micro-needling is collagen induction therapy which serves to improve the appearance of skin, promoting its repair and rejuvenation. At Simply Clinics, we make use of the Dermapen, which has been found to provide the best results*, with minimal pain and little no side effects. With the Dermapen, any chances of injury or formation of fibrotic tissue are greatly minimised. It works by creating microscopic punctures in the skin, thereby bringing about a wound healing response that lends itself to skin renewal.

Please see video below which highlights the advantages of the Dermapen™ over Dermaroller

The Dermapen™ is gently guided over the skin and in doing so produces small microscopic puncture channels which are lightly stamped into the skins matrix stimulating a wound healing response. The wound healing involves new blood flow and new collagen formation which promotes intense renewal, repair and rejuvenation of the skin*.

Unlike other forms of skin rejuvenation, Dermapen™ uses non-thermolytic and non-ablative technology that eliminates the risk of melanocyte heat injury and abnormal fibrotic tissue formation.



Acne & Keloid Scarring

  • mmicro-needling scarring treatment
  • mmicro-needling scarring treatment

Striae (Stretch marks)

  • Micro-needling stretch marks
  • Micro-needling stretch marks

Sun damage and age spots

  • Micro-needling Sun Damage
  • Micro-needling Age Spot

Fine line and wrinkles

  • micro-needling wrinkles
  • micro-needling wrinkles

Large open pores

  • micro-needling large open pours
  • micro-needling large open pours

Dermapen™ is also commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Vitiligo
  • Telangiectasia
  • Sebhorrhoea
  • Milia
  • Keratosis pilaris (goose pimples)


Dermapen™ is a medical device which uses 12 surgical grade needles to deliver effective skin needling. The patented vertical oscillating technology triggers the skin’s natural healing response. Multiple treatments provide long lasting rejuvenation and correction for skin on the face and body.
Dermapen™ procedures are non-thermal and non-ablative. Treatment may be performed on all skin tones reducing any risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or fibrotic scar tissue formation.
You will start noticing a difference after only the first treatment. The benefits are often seen within the first couple of weeks however the treatment starts a process of skin rejuvenation which continues maturing for several months
Patients will typically get some redness, itching and minor swelling. Over the first couple of days this redness soon fades and you can expect full recovery anything between 3-5 days after the treatment. Pain is tolerable however at your request we can use a numbing cream to provide even further comfort.
For an area the size of the face it will typically take 15-20 minutes. If you choose to have a mask applied after the procedure (strongly recommended) then we would normally allow approximately 45 minutes for the procedure.
Yes. Dermapen™ clinical treatments may only be performed by a qualified Dermapen™ practitioner


Single Session Three Sessions Six Sessions
(up to 1.5mm depth)
£100  £250 £475
(up to 2.5mm depth)
£125 £312.50 £600
(up to 2.5mm depth)
£150 £400 N/A
Mask £25 £70 £140
Brite Lite for pigmentation
£30 £70 £100
Retinol Active for wrinkles and Acne
£30 £70 £100
Antioxidant Cocktail for red irritated skin and Roseacea
£30 £70 £100
Chemical Peel (Mandelic Acid) £30 £75 £140
£30 £75 £140