Simply Clinics Sensius

Dear Sensius UK Customers,

Sensius UK have ceased operations in the UK as of 11th May 2020.

Simply Clinics is a well-established beauty and aesthetic clinic offering a range of services, from laser hair removal to Botox and other advanced skin treatments. Simply Clinics offers the highest standard of treatments at unbeatable prices. In order to minimise the impact of Sensius UK's closure on their customers, an agreement has been put in place for Simply Clinics to fulfil all of the outstanding sessions that are due to Sensius UK customers.



We have aimed to answer all questions you may have;

1.  Who will finish my course of treatments/what will happen to my outstanding sessions?
Your remaining laser sessions will be fulfilled by a trained Simply Clinics staff member. 

2. Do I have to pay extra?
No. If you have already paid for your session then this will be fulfilled by Simply Clinics.

3.  Is it also a Medical Grade Laser?
Yes. In order to minimise any disruption, we have ensured that your new provider already uses the same medical grade laser (Lumenis Laser) previously provided by Sensius UK.

4. Do I have to start a new consultation and patch test?
For your safety and to ensure that Simply Clinics high standards are being met, we will require customers to perform another patch test in most circumstances and complete a new consultation form. This process will take 15 minutes and is at no extra cost to you.

5.  What happens with my booked session?
Your next session has been cancelled and will need to be rebooked at Simply Clinics. A member of staff will contact you shortly to reschedule this appointment once you complete and approve the GDPR forms.

6.  When can I get started?
Simply Clinics will be contacting you and once their terms of business are being accepted you can get started.

7.  Where is simply clinics? / Can I visit any Simply Clinics Branch?
Simply Clinics have four branches in London:


If you have your treatments performed at Sensius Romford then your course will be transferred to Simply ClinicsSouthgateat 19 Ashfield Parade, Southagte, N14 5EH. 

If you have your treatments performed at Sensius Uxbridge your course will be transferred to Simply ClinicsUxbridgebranch at 18 High Street, First Floor, UB8 1JN.

8.  I have more questions, who do I speak to?
Simply clinics will aim to contact everyone within the next week but if your query is more urgent please feel free to email on sensius@simplyclinics.co.uk

More info at:



If you are an existing Sensius Uk customer, please download and complete the below forms, returning them to sensius@simplyclinics.co.uk