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Ellie Sargent

Operations Manager

Our Operations Manager, Ellie Sargent, has a wealth of experience under her belt that is continuously expanding during her time here at Simply Clinics.

With unparalelled knowledge of the beauty industry due to her lengthy career as a Beauty Therapist, it positions Ellie as a vital role within Simply. Combining her industry knowledge with her ability to successfully manage people, she has become one of the key foundations of Simply Clinics operations.

Ellie previously worked offering holistic beauty treatments such as nails, massages and topical facials within a beauty salon, but her love for analysing and treating severe skin concerns inspired her to train in advanced skincare, enabling her to provide more bespoke treatments. Ellie joined Simply Clinics in 2018 and since, has not only trained in all advanced skin treatments Simply has to offer, but became the lead trainer of all new recruits, transferring her skills to others.

It wasn’t long before under Dr Youssef’s guidance, Ellie became one of Simply’s most advanced and experienced skin care technicians and overall leaders. Subsequently, Ellie has changed directions within the team here at Simply, naturally progressing into the management team, leading from behind the scenes rather than as a therapist. Ellie is now Simply Clinics’ Operations Manager, and an essential position within the team.

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