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Ellie Sargent

Uxbridge Lead Therapist

Introducing our Uxbridge Lead Therapist, Ellie Sargent, who has a wealth of experience under her belt that is consistently expanding during her time here at Simply Clinics.

Ellie started her therapist career at a previous company, offering holistic beauty treatments such as nails, massages and topical facials. Her love for beauty and skincare inspired her to move on to a new company to train in a more advanced treatment – Laser Hair Removal. Her year as a Laser Therapist encouraged her to pursue her passion for advanced skincare, which resulted in her progression to Simply Clinics.

Under Dr Youssef’s guidance, Ellie has evolved her skills within skincare over the course of nearly three years and has now become one of Simply’s most advanced and experienced skin care technicians. Her passion lies in Microneedling where Ellie has achieved some of the most dramatic skin care transformations we’ve seen, however her skills are unprecedented when it comes to creating bespoke treatment plans to cure a multitude of skin care concerns.

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