Love Handles

Love Handles are the areas of skin which surround and extend outwards from the hips. They occur due to excess fat accumulation around this area and can be present in both women and men.

The appearance of love handles can be made more prominent by wearing tight clothing and sometimes when there is a lot of fat stored in this area, they can appear to look like rolls around the hips. Due to this, some people who have love handles may be self-conscious of this area and would like to get rid of them. Whilst you cannot completely spot-reduce fat, exercising regularly and having a healthy diet can help to overall lower your body fat percentage which will cause your “love handles” to diminish or reduce in size.

Despite this, there are some aesthetics treatments that can help to diminish the fat in this area permanently. Our Aqualyx fat-dissolving treatment works to dissolve the fat in certain areas, such as the love handles. If this treatment is maintained with exercise and a healthy diet, the results can be permanent. As “love handles” can be evident across a larger area, more than one initial treatment may be needed in order to get the best results. Alternatively, our 3D Lipo treatment can be effective at targeting stubborn fat in the “love handle” area. Have a look at our 3D Lipo page to learn more.