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Permanently removed threadveins & spiderveins


Treatment time

15 minutes



Minimal to none




Microsclerotherapy is the easy and effective treatment used to treat small thread veins, also known as spider veins in the legs. Whilst varicose veins cannot be treated with this procedure, it is very effective for the common concern that sees blue, purple and red veins occur, usually on the back of the legs, calves and inner thighs.

This treatment uses a fine needle to carefully inject a small amount of Scleroscent into the vein. Doing so damages the vein walls, and due to its irritation, after compression it eventually collapses and is permanently diminished.



A.This treatment is safe, however like all similar treatments, it does not come without some risk. Your practitioner will discuss the treatment and its risks with you during your consultation.

A.This is the gold standard treatment for veins on the legs. This treatment is suitable for red, purple and blue veins that are up to 4mm in diameter. It is not suitable to treat varicose veins or veins on the face.

A.The treated veins are permanently gone, however this treatment does not prevent new veins from forming.

A.Like all of our treatments, we ensure our clients feel safe and comfortable during treatment to the best of our ability. This treatment is not painful, as the needle used during the procedure is extremely small. The product used for treatment will not cause painful discomfort, however you may experience some prickling or itching post treatment. These side effects will subside and can also be relieved with antihistamines.

A.Your concern will be examined to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment. Pregnant or nursing women are not suitable for treatment. Varicose veins are not able to be treated with this treatment.

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Clean and professional, I really am happy with simply clinics. They always make me feel comfortable and my laser sessions end up being emotional therapy too! Thank you in specific to my lovely technician.

Grace Miller

Lovely clean and safe experience. Quick and friendly service. Would highly recommend.

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