Double Chin

A double chin, also known as submental fat, is the layer of excess fat that forms underneath your chin and jawline. Whilst it is often associated with weight gain, this is not always how they occur, as other influences such as posture, genetics, looser skin from aging or your body composition can cause a double chin.

Whilst having a double chin is not always a health concern, many people are self-conscious of this concern. Due to this, some may opt for certain poses in photos due to having a favourite “side” of their face or are conscious of how their chin may look in certain angles. Whilst a double chin can be lost and minimised following weight loss, some clients may find that despite dramatic fat reduction, a double chin is still prevalent and causing them concern. This is because when you undergo weight loss, you are unable to spot-reduce fat from certain specific areas as it completely depends on your genetic makeup as to where your body stores fat.

With this in mind, there are non-surgical cosmetic options that can help to reduce the appearance of this. We have a new treatment that we are offering in the clinics called Aqualyx, which is a fat-dissolving injection treatment. For areas such as the chin, we would recommend between 1-3 sessions in order to get the desired effect of a reduced or diminished double chin. The results of this treatment are permanent provided a healthy diet and exercise is maintained. Alternatively, our 3D Lipo treatment can be effective at targeting stubborn fat in the chin area also. Have a look at our 3D Lipo page to learn more on this treatment and how we can combat double chins and other areas of concern.