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At A Glance



Hydrated, tightened skin that is diminished of wrinkles, lines and dry textures


Treatment time

15 - 30 minutes






Results last up to 6 months

Introducing Bio-Remodelling treatment with Profhilo, one of the latest treatments offered to combat anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation at Simply Clinics. This incredible treatment is one of the most advanced in the industry for combatting the signs of dull, ageing skin and is offered at only a small number of aesthetics clinics in London. Bio-Remodelling with Profhilo is the process of injecting high doses of hyaluronic acid into the treatment area at multiple injection points. The treatment helps to contour and remodel the skin, improving the overall laxity, tone and texture.

Profhilo treatment allows the skin to receive an influx of hydration that increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which is a product that is found naturally in the body. When injected, it integrates into the skins’ tissues, restoring the natural levels of hyaluronic acid found originally in the body. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for our skin looking soft, supple, tight, hydrated and wrinkle free. The amount of hyaluronic acid our body produces steadily decreases as we age, which can be the reason why our skin begins to appear dry, loose, textured or even sagging.

Wrinkles and lines become more prominent and we can look more tired and aged. The Profhilo treatment encourages an increase in production of elastin and collagen which allows our skin tissues to replenish, hydrate and attract moisture to the cells. This treatment will make our skin look tighter, diminish wrinkles and hydrate textured and dry skin. This treatment is a great introduction to non-surgical injectables, for those who do not wish to use dermal filler.


A.As we age, our skin begins to look older due to the introduction of lines and wrinkles. It can become dry in texture and in severe cases, scaly looking, due to a lack of moisture within the skin. As this treatment provides your skin with a large amount of hydrating hyaluronic acid, your skin will appear tighter, smoother and more youthful. Lines and wrinkles will diminish and the tone and texture of your skin will dramatically improve.

A.We encourage our clients to undergo at least two sessions of Profhilo in order to achieve the desired results. Your skin will begin to show its results over the course of a few weeks post Profhilo treatment.

A.Results from profhilo treatment can last up to six months. Factors such as your lifestyle, environmental factors and your skin type/tone can affect how long your treatment lasts. To sustain the results of the Profhilo treatment we recommend repeat sessions every 3 months.

A.This treatment, like all injectable treatments, comes with precautions. However, as the treatment includes the injection of a natural substance created by the body itself, it is a very safe treatment and side effects are rare. It is also performed by our experienced and highly qualified doctor and therefore the risks are minimal. The treatment is minimally invasive as it’s non-surgical, so therefore pain is also minimal.

A.All you need to do is complete our medical declaration form to ensure you are suitable, then you can have your treatment right away.

Profhilo Prices

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Get 1 Profhilo syringe for £230 if you purchase 2 or 3 areas of Anti Wrinkle Injections

Diagram Diagram

Profhilo Before & Afters

Pre & Post Profhilo Guidelines

Before Treatment

• Avoid alcohol or using blood thinners such as Ibuprofen/Ginkgo Biloba/St John’s Wort for 24hours before treatment.

After Treatment

First 4 Hours:

Avoid touching the area until any swelling has resolved.

Avoid wearing makeup immediately after the treatment

First 24 Hours:

Avoid alcohol or using blood thinners such as Ibuprofen/Ginkgo Biloba/St John’s Wort for 24 hours after treatment.

Avoid exercise, sun exposure, saunas and sunbeds or anything else that increases the blood circulation in the area for two days. Light exercise is ok

Ask the doctor if it is ok to continue with your skin care products. You may sometimes need to skip using these for a day or two depending on the ingredients

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“Very professional place, lovely helping receptionists and therapists are great- they explain everything to you. Always get a text to remind me of my appointment. Highly recommend”

“Neeta was great! We had a great conversation whilst she waxed me. She was such a great distraction for the pain. Will defo book her again. I love the clinic as well! Super clean and friendly”

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