Saggy Neck

A saggy neck, sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck”, is where there is excess, wrinkled skin around the neck area. Similarly to jowls, excess skin on the neck is a common concern that happens as part of the ageing process. With age, you start to lose elastin and collagen in the skin, which can give the skin a “saggy” appearance. In addition to this, the neck muscles can become weaker over time due to poor posture and lack of mobility.

It is commonly said that the most tell-tale sign of ageing is someone’s neck, due to the thinness of the skin in this area. The neck also contains fewer oil glands than the rest of the body, which makes it susceptible to becoming dry. Dry skin tends to wrinkle more easily than hydrated skin.

If you are experiencing signs of a saggy neck, it is important to maintain hydration in this area by applying moisturising creams multiple times a day. One of our favourite moisturisers in the clinic is Obagi Hydrate, which is amazing at nourishing the skin as well as fighting signs of ageing. Here’s an Instagram post which explains the benefits of the moisturiser in more detail. If you are looking for an aesthetic treatment, our Anti-Wrinkle Injection and Profhilo treatments are great at targeting signs of ageing on the neck.