Thin Lips

Having thin lips is completely natural and for many people, this isn’t an issue at all. However, with the rise in popularity for having larger, more voluminous lips, many clients are wanting to augment their thinner, smaller lips and have our Dr Youssef create natural looking, luscious lips that are bigger in size.

First let’s tackle the reasons why our lips can be on the thinner side. Your lips may gradually get thinner as you age, something that unfortunately you cannot avoid. Our skin is full of plumping proteins such as collagen and elastin, however as we get older these proteins decrease in production, which can lead to our lips lacking the natural ingredients needed that keeps them looking full.

Our lips can also begin to look thinner over time due to lifestyle or environmental factors. Your lips and skin around the mouth can look thin, tired or aged if they are dehydrated from cold weather, a poor skin regime or lifestyle factors such as whether you smoke. Smoking can encourage deep wrinkles to appear around the mouth, causing the mouth to look thinner as your lips curl inwards, with your mouth area appearing older looking than necessary.

The size and shape of our lips are also genetic. If your family has thinner, smaller lips, it’s more likely that you will too. However, the good thing to note is that your lips can be adapted with non-surgical lip augmentation. Using dermal filler to change the size or shape of your lips can be done very quickly and effectively, when you’ve got the right practitioner. Have a look at our Lip Filler treatment page to read more information about to combat thin lips.