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LPG Wellness Treatment

At A Glance



Decreased stress, increased vitality!


Treatment time

40 mins



Minimum to none

Explore the cutting-edge advancements in LPG Wellness: an innovative treatment regimen meticulously crafted to enhance sleep quality, alleviate stress, and promote overall vitality.

Following extensive medical research and rigorous clinical trials, this treatment harnesses scientifically-proven methodologies to deliver transformative results. Through a series of 10 sessions of 40-minute endermologie, the efficacy of this protocol has been demonstrated…


*for any LPG bookings customers must purchase their own LPG suits, or use a spare from our clinic if available*

A remarkable increase of +9.4% in T-Lymphocytes (white blood cells), fortifying the body’s defences against infections and bolstering immune function.

A substantial reduction of cortisol levels by 44.6%, easing stress and restoring balance.

A staggering 69% decrease in muscular discomfort, offering relief and enhancing mobility.

An impressive enhancement of Heart Rate Variability by +76.6%, crucial for regulating vital physiological functions including heart rate, breathing, digestion, and blood pressure.

A notable 54.7% reduction in insomnia symptoms, accompanied by heightened concentration and improved sleep quality.


A.LPG is an incredible system designed to target cellulite and combat it for good. But not only does it combat cellulite - it has multiple treatment protocols that offer holistic approach to wellness. LPG provides effective treatment for new mums to help them feel amazing again, from the inside out, targeted treatment for stubborn fat to aid fat loss, and options for lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation. This treatment really can do everything!

A.Our LPG system is pain-free and safe. Clients wear a hygienic stocking during treatment that allows for a safe and clean treatment. Downtime is minimal to none.

A.How often you can have treatment depends on the type of LPG treatment you are undertaking. For cellulite treatment, you can have sessions twice weekly.

LPG Wellness Treatment Prices

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LPG Wellness Treatment Before & Afters

Pre & Post LPG Wellness Treatment Guidelines

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After Treatment

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