Cellulite is caused by a build-up of fatty cells beneath the skin’s surface. This causes the appearance of an uneven surface and is commonly seen on the hips, thighs, glutes and breasts. Cellulite affects both men and women, due to where their fat is distributed. It commonly affects more women, due to their fat and muscle distributions. Cellulite alone should not be a health concern as it is common amongst most people, regardless of weight, however it can have an impact on your body confidence.

Cellulite can become more visible as we age, due to the skin losing elasticity and becoming thinner. You can also experience more cellulite during pregnancy and also after weight gain. If you are concerned about cellulite, there are a few lifestyle changes which you can implement which may help to reduce it. For example, by increasing your water intake it can help to flush out toxins from the skin. In addition to this, dry brushing is a beneficial technique which helps to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood flow in the skin. It is important to note that cellulite will always be present in some form on the body and it is extremely hard to get rid of completely.

There are many creams on the market which claim to reduce cellulite, however these topical treatments only temporarily reduce the appearance of it, as the fat cells beneath the skin are still there. There are some effective treatments that target cellulite; 3D Lipo or Aqualyx. Both treatments target fat loss, skin tightening and overall inch-loss which can help to diminish the appearance of cellulite. You can read more about our 3D Lipo treatment here and Aqualyx here.