Open Pores

Pores on the skin and their appearance are a common concern, and minimising their appearance is the result that many people are after when it comes to skin treatments and products. It is in fact a myth that pores ‘open and close’ – pores permanently remain open yet appear larger or smaller in size.

Pores are open in order for them to breath, however when they create too much sebum or excess oil they can become blocked, causing acne or small blemishes such as blackheads or whiteheads. Our hormones can cause our pores to look larger in some areas than others, for example around our nose, forehead or cheeks, as these areas are typically more oily or congested than others. The appearance of large pores can cause our skin to look dull, tired or blemishes.

Our age can also lead our pores to appear larger, due to a lack of collagen. Treatments such as Profhilo can help to combat this, as the influx of hyaluronic acid through the treatment allows the skin to appear smoother in texture. Exfoliating regularly with chemical exfoliators can de-clog the pores, allowing them to appear smaller as they’re decongested from bacteria.

Advanced facial treatments such as the Obagi Chemical Peel or Microneedling can improve the appearance of open/large pores.