Rosacea is a skin condition which is known as giving a red or flushed look to the skin. It is a common skin condition which affects around one in ten people, however it typically affects those with fairer skin types more.

Rosacea can start initially as just a “flushed” look to the skin. Over time however, it can present itself as a permanent skin redness, raised red bumps, noticeable blood vessels (similar to thread veins) and a burning or tingling sensation, which can be distressing for those experiencing it. Whilst there is no known direct cause of Rosacea, some influences such as stress, cosmetic irritation, dairy, spicy food and heat can be symptom triggers for some people.

If you are suffering with Rosacea it is important to note that you are not alone and there are a few different things that can help to alleviate the symptoms. Firstly, it can be helpful to note down if any of the common triggers such as spicy food or certain products have worsened your Rosacea in the past and if so, do your best to avoid them. Additionally, it is crucial that you remember to wear SPF protection year round to protect against sun damage and further skin irritation.

If you have any red blemishes or thread veins associated with your Rosacea, we may be able to treat these safely with our Thermavein treatment. You can find out more about Thermavein on our dedicated treatment page. In addition to this, it is important to invest in some good quality home skincare products if you are struggling with Rosacea. We offer different treatment programmes and products from award-winning brands such as Obagi, ZO Skin Health and Juliette Armand, so get in contact with us to arrange a consultation to see which products would be best suited for your skin.