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At A Glance



Hydrated, moisturised skin


Treatment time

30-60 minutes



None to mild. Treatment area may be slightly red and sensitive post treatment



Results are instant but a course of 6 treatments is advised

Patented Vortex Fusion Technology

Introducing The Hydrafacial; a patented technology system used to create nourished, glowing, hydrated skin – the best skin of your life.

The Hydrafacial is an award-winning treatment that has taken the industry by storm. It uses results driven technologies to transform your skin from dull, to bright and glowing in just one treatment. Your results are visible from the first session!

We offer two Hydrafacial treatment types; Signature Hydrafacial (30 minutes) or Platinum Hydrafacial (60 minutes). There is also the option to add personalised boosters to your treatment, to target specific skin concerns.  Check out our FAQ’s to find out which treatment is suited to you!

Click below to view the full, six step version of the Hydrafacial…

Step one: detox

A specially formulated manual lymphatic drainage technique is used to start the treatment. It helps to increase circulation, eliminate toxins and free the skin of impurities. This is the first step of the facial, improving blood circulation and minimising water retention and swelling.

Step two: cleansing & exfoliation

Dead skin cells and impurities are gently lifted for a deep-cleansing result whilst providing residual hydration.

Step three: brightening agent

A gentle glycolic and salicylic solution is applied, providing a one-step resurfacing procedure.

Step four: extraction

Blackheads and impurities in congested areas are extracted using salicylic acid and willow bark extract, preventing the buildup of dirt and sebum within the pores.

Step five: hydration

The skin is intensely hydrated using hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants – which fight against environmental free radicals.

Step six: rejuvenation

LED light is used to stimulate collagen and elasticity within the skin, whilst reducing redness and inflammation.





A.The Hydrafacial is the ultimate hydrating and deep cleansing treatment, that uses unique, patented technology to create skin that glows all day long. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, from oily or dry to acne prone and sensitive skin. This well-rounded treatment instantly rejuvenates your skin, leaving it visibly hydrated and renewed. It combats an array of skin concerns, bettering pigmentation, acne, signs of ageing and improving the skin's barrier.

A.It is suitable for all skin types and skin colours.

A.Our Signature Hydrafacial has 3 steps (cleanse, extract, hydrate) and our Platinum has 6 steps. Our Signature treatment is a quicker, more intense treatment that intensely hydrates after a profound cleansing process. Any congested areas are thoroughly extracted using vortex technology to ensure pores are clear and primed for the infusion of hydrating products. The Platinum treatment is an extensive treatment version. It includes 6 steps to achieving a clear, hydrated complexion. Starting with a detox, the skin is then cleansed and exfoliated, before brightening agents are used for cell renewal. Oily t-zone areas are then extracted of any debris and bacteria, before the skin is deeply hydrated and rejuvenated with nourishing products, that leave you looking bright, glowy and healthy in an instant. If you have a more severe skin concern that you would like to target, you can opt for the Platinum with Add On Boosters. This treatment uses the same 6 steps as 'Platinum', however targeted boosters are added to the process. These boosters are bespoke to your skin concerns, and are beneficial to those with more severe concerns.

A.Hydrafacial treatment is pain-free! During treatment you may experience tightness, warmth, slight irritation or redness, but these are all normal reactions and will subside within 3 hours of treatment.

A.Your skin will be left glowing and revitalised after each Hydrafacial treatment, only to improve for up to 4 weeks after. We advise one treatment per month for skin maintenance and longer-lasting results. You can have a Hydrafacial every 2 weeks.

A.Yes, you can combine Hydrafacial treatment with Dermapen Microneedling. For this combination treatment, you can exchange the 'peel' section for microneedling. You can then continue the rest of the Hydrafacial steps. All you need to do is complete our medical declaration form to ensure you are suitable for treatment and you can begin right away.

Hydrafacial Prices

Please see below for links to our clinic pricing pages

Monthly Hydrafacial treatments account for 1 treatment per month, for 1 year.


Hydrafacial Before & Afters

Pre & Post Hydrafacial Guidelines

Before Treatment

Avoid the use of Retinol products

Avoid aggressive exfoliation, waxing and products containing acids in the treatment area 2 weeks prior to treatment

If you have had any dermal filler or anti wrinkle injection treatments, you must leave at least 2 weeks before having the Hydrafacial treatment

Those with a shellfish allergy, or are pregnant or breast feeding are unable to have this treatment

After Treatment

First 4 Hours:

Avoid the use of retinol products

Avoid direct sun exposure and wear SPF daily, factor 30+

Avoid aggressive exfoliation, waxing and products containing acids in the treatment area 2 weeks post treatment

First 24 Hours:

Leave at least 2-3 days post treatment before undertaking any dermal filler or anti wrinkle injection treatments

Do not wear makeup for 24 hours

Avoid sun beds for at least 2 weeks post treatment

Treatment can be had every 2 weeks

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Excellent services, great results, must recommend 5 star!

This place is great, service is pretty quick and smooth; I’ve been a regular for a couple of years now … highly recommend!

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