Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns, affecting both men and women. While it is mostly teenagers who will find they are struggling with oily skin due to hormonal changes, it can occur at any stage of a person’s life. It is a skin type where your skin is producing an excess of sebum. This excess sebum can cause pores to clog, leaving your face appearing shiny or greasy looking. Other signs of oily skin include frequent breakouts of blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Too much production of sebum can be triggered by a number of reasons such as genetics and age. The time of the year can also be a factor into whether you get oily skin. The warmer it is, in the summer months, is when you are more prone to oily skin. This is due to the fact that in winter your skin typically tends to dry out from the low humidity levels.

While oily skin will never completely disappear, there are ways to help control it. Having a good skincare routine will help to ensure your oily skin is more manageable. It’s crucial to be focusing on keeping your skin clean. Cleansing twice a day can help to unclog the pores and ensure that all debris and dirt which has built out throughout the day has been removed. You should also ensure you are drinking enough water (2 litres a day) to help keep your skin hydrated. This will prevent your skin from over producing too much oil.

It is typical of those with oily skin to reduce or completely remove moisturisers from their skin routine. However, this could actually make the condition worse, as the skin can produce even more oil, to counter act the lack of moisture. Using a nourishing moisturiser is essential for all skin types, but those with dry skin should use a lighter, non-oil based product.

At Simply Clinics we offer Hydrafacials which is a skin treatment that can help treat oily skin. The Hydrafacial works to deeply cleanse the skin and exfoliates it to remove all dead skin cells, revealing a layer of healthy skin. The treatment is great for oily skin as it helps to focuses on any areas of congestion and removes blackheads and other impurities.