Bingo Wings

Bingo wings is the term often used when referring to the loose skin that is found underneath a person’s arms. This concern is most often found in women due to the back of the arms being a common area of fat storage. However, men can also have “bingo wings”, albeit less commonly due to the male gender having typically lower body fat percentages. They also tend to store fat in other areas, such as the gut or ‘love handles’.

Bingo wings aren’t always visible, especially when wearing long-sleeved tops, however many clients find that they can be seen when the arms are raised and shaken. You may find this happens when you’re running, walking or waving your arms. This is a very common skin concern and many clients may look for a fast and effective solution. “Bingo Wings” tend to be visible when wearing strap tops or dresses, or in particular during the summer months when your arms are exposed.

There are multiple causes of “bingo wings” – commonly due to ageing and skin laxity, or due to excess fat deposits around the triceps in the upper arm, due to a higher body fat percentage. A lack of muscle within the tricep area can lead to larger “bingo wings”, as it leaves more room for fat and loose skin.

Aside from exercise to help reduce fat and build muscle in this area, our Aqualyx treatment can be effective at permanently removing “bingo wings”. Aqualyx is a new treatment that we’re offering at the clinics and is the process of using fat-dissolving injections to permanently destroy fat cells. Alternatively, our 3D Lipo treatment can be effective at targeting stubborn fat in the “bingo wings” area. Have a look at our 3D Lipo page to learn more.