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Lulu Haffar

Managing Director

Lulu Haffar is our managing director – the brains and beauty behind the brand. As well as being responsible for Simply Clinics’ operations, HR and accounts, Lulu herself qualified as a pharmacist in 2019 and is now working as a GP Clinical Pharmacist, showcasing her incredible drive, experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry – a valid asset to Simply.

At Simply, our management team lead from above in terms of experience, knowledge and understanding of the services we offer at the clinic and Lulu is a clear representation of this. Her accurate understanding of people and their behaviours allows her to be an incredible director for the team, ensuring that we’re operating to the best of our ability.

All businesses have someone who controls the overall operations of the workplace, allowing them to run as efficiently as possible. Lulu provides quality improvement, consulting on where Simply can improve in areas, and where we excel in others. From conducting product and clinics orders to the usual daily staff queries, Lulu is kept busy consistently implementing our company policies and overseeing our brand strategies through day to day tasks.

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