Milia are tiny white bumps which appear slightly raised on the surface on the skin. They almost look like tiny whiteheads, however they cannot be squeezed or punctured. They are usually found on the cheeks, nose, eyelids and forehead, however, they can occur anywhere on the body.

They are formed due to dead skin cells becoming trapped under the new skin. Other factors which can cause milia are sun damage, long-term use of steroid medication or they can be also due to your genetics. You may have noticed that babies often have milia – they are more likely to get it, but they can develop at any age.

You are also at a higher risk of getting it if you have a poor skincare routine, use makeup that clogs your pores, don’t get enough sleep or have existing skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema or rosacea.

If you are suffering with milia there are treatments which can help to remove it such as Cryopen. Cryopen treatment works by emitting nitrous oxide under a high pressure to the blemish area, allowing it to be removed safely. By using a precise tip it ensures that only the blemish is targeted and the surrounding skin is not affected.