Warts are harmless growths which can occur on any part of the body. They are often skin coloured and raised, however they can appear in many different forms, depending on which variation you have. Some may feel rough to the touch and bumpy, whilst others may appear in clusters.

Warts are contagious as they are caused by a virus. The wart itself may not appear after months of being contaminated by the virus, however they can spread through close contact with other people or contaminated surfaces. Shared towels and washcloths are some of the most common ways that warts are spread.

If you have warts, it is important to maintain strict hygiene practices to avoid further spreading them. Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the wart and do not pick or scratch at it. By touching and picking the wart, it can cause them to spread to other parts of your body.

Whilst warts do eventually go away on their own, you may be bothered by the appearance of them or find that they are painful, as they may get caught on clothing.

CryoPen is an effective, quick and pain free treatment that effectively removes warts and other skin blemishes. This treatment uses cryotherapy (extreme cold) to freeze and therefore eliminate the unwanted wart.

The CryoPen device works to 1mm precision, which ensures that the healthy skin surrounding the blemish is not altered. To find out more about this treatment, check out our dedicated CryoPen treatment page.