Back to the Basics

Like most people, you maybe a little confused about what Botox actually is.  The word usually conjures an image of a frozen-faced 40-something trying—but failing—to show some emotion. You don’t have to worry about that happening to you.

To put it simply, Botox is a drug made from a toxin called Botulin.This is a prescription medicine used to get rid of—although temporarily—fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, mouth and forehead. It relaxes the muscles under the skin. Once relaxed, wrinkles and fine lines are prevented from forming. Voila! You’re wrinkle-free!

Preventative Botox

Rather than attempting to fix your wrinkle problem, why not prevent them from forming in the first place?

This is where preventative Botox comes in.In the modern world, there are many non-invasive treatments to choose from. More and more people in their 20s and 30s want to prevent any signs of aging from showing.

When Do You Need It?

Fine lines may form when we make certain facial expressions—like a frown or a smile. It’s common to see ‘11’ vertical (glabella) lines between the eyes, horizontal lines on the forehead or furrows around the eyes.

They usually go away once we stop making those faces. A litmus test for knowing when it’s time to get your very first injection is when those wrinkles stick around.

With the advancement in cosmetic treatments you can opt for painless, injectable Botox to fix this problem. Typically, this happens in your mid-twenties or early thirties. It’s not very common to find young women under the age of 25 who’d really need this procedure.

Another factor is your genetics. Aging is a multi-factorial process. This means that facial lines have a genetic or hereditary component to them. The average age that people in your family get wrinkles is your likely deadline too.

Typically, Caucasian women who spend a lot of time under the burning sun would need anti-wrinkle treatments in their early 30s. For those who do not, somewhere between 35-40 would suffice. For darker skin tones, there might not be a need to get treatment until 40-45.

The lifestyle that one leads is also important. If you’ve spent many years smoking or lying in tanning beds, chances are you’d get fine lines sooner.

All in all, there’s no one age to get preventative Botox. For some, it may not be needed even in their late thirties; for others, mid-twenties may be an ideal time. Factors like your lifestyle, genetics and the average amount of expressions you pull should be considered.

Most Botox procedures take a short amount of time and no severe  side-effects or complications after treatment have been reported. That being said, these procedures should always be done by certified professionals.

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