Microneedling is fast becoming the go-to skin therapy for its ability to help rejuvenate skin, improve certain skin concerns and prevent wrinkles. In a recent study on its effects, more than 80% percent of acne-scarred participants reported a significant decrease in the visibility of their acne scars.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, can be virtually painless and extremely effective. It involves using fine needles to create puncture wounds in the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing process and reversing the signs of ageing. These micro-wounds increase the body’s production of collagen, which makes the skin look youthful.

Listed below are four benefits of microneedling:

Reduce Scarring

One of the major benefits of microneedling is its ability to reduce acne scars. While the procedure may not work for large lacerations, it is ideal for small scars. The results are greatly beneficial for people with this concern, as the scars are replaced by a smooth surface of new skin.

A recent study has given more weight to the effectiveness of microneedling for acne scarring, concluding that people noticed a visible improvement in their scars after just two sessions!

Say Goodbye to Blackheads!

Now the majority of us get blackheads – as annoying and frustrating as they are when they pop back up every other week – they are a completely normal impurity to have! Some people are prone to have more than others and a lot of this can depend on your hormones and your environment. If you experience blackheads regularly, then microneedling is the perfect solution as it’s known to significantly decrease blackheads.

Microneedling can encourage them to disappear for a few weeks (yes!), after which they may re-appear. Depending on the time period of which they return, this may be the opportunity to book in for your next session.

Achieve Younger Looking Skin

Who doesn’t want to take years off in just 45 minutes? By stimulating collagen, microneedling helps smooth out damaged skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. As older people tend to produce less collagen, their skin gets looser, which is why this process is particularly beneficial for them.

Microneedling stimulates collagen which, in turn, tightens your skin, leaving you looking younger with fresh, toned skin.

Improve Your Hair Growth

Whilst skin rejuvenation is the primary benefit of microneedling, another hidden benefit of the procedure is that it can help to stimulate hair growth. In a study conducted in 2013, participants were divided into two groups, with one set being treated with a simple hair loss lotion, whilst the other set used the same lotion coupled with a microneedling treatment of the scalp.

Results showed that the group receiving microneedling reported significant improvement in hair growth compared to the group that received the lotion only – this is why microneedling of the scalp is a popular treatment!

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