The Brazilian bikini wax has dominated salons and popular culture alike for the last decade. Lauded as a procedure offering purely cosmetic benefits, even ordinary women cannot get enough of this beauty treatment!

Are you thinking of setting aside the shears and getting a Brazilian wax? Here are all the reasons why this idea is the best one yet!

Hairless For a Longer Period of Time

You know what happens right after shaving? Little hairs begin growing in, leaving a prickly sensation by the very next day! Women who shave their nether regions will understand the battle.

Waxing your bikini line offers a different story. Not only does it take longer for hair to grow back, you won’t have to suffer through the itchiness and agony of scratching/not scratching the area.

Incredibly Cost Effective

Shaving may cost lesswhen calculating daily cost but is actually very expensive in the long run. Think about it. You will need to buy good quality razors not the cheap ones that are disposable. Branded ‘lady’ razors are more costly than many generic or male oriented brands available in the market.

Next, you will have to buy shaving cream or at least good quality coconut oil or conditioner (if that is a preference). Due to fast re-growth of hair after shaving, you will have to perform this procedure bi-weekly instead of monthly. Brazilian waxing doesn’t offer this demerit; in fact you can enjoy a hair-less and smooth bikini line for a longer period.

Hair That Regrows Isn’t Thick

This is by far the best reason why mostmodern women prefer Brazilian waxing instead of other traditional hair removal methods. Shaving pubic hair (which is already thick) causes hair regrowth to become thicker and wilder. In addition, waxing your bikini line ensures next growth is thin and with less hair.

Smoother and More Softer Bikini Line Area

Nothing gives a woman more confidence in herself than smoother and sexy looking skin. Shaving any area on the body won’t provide that result, no matter how expensive and silky smooth the shaving cream.