We can all agree that we are a little bit obsessed with skincare and that it’s essential to look after ourselves and have a good self-care session now and again. With social media being such a big part of our lives (whether we like it or not),  a lot of our knowledge about beauty and skincare comes from Instagram and social platforms. So with that said, we want to know that we are following the right influencers that are going to give us honest and transparent reviews about skincare and beauty products and brands.

To give you a helping hand, we thought we would make things easier for you and do all the hard work by finding our UK Skincare and Beauty influencers that we think you need to be following. Join us in this beauty obsession and check out who you should be following right now:

  1. @mypaleskinblog

My pale skin’s Instagram journey began in January 2014, shortly after Em (my pale skin creator) developed adult acne and became an advocate for skin positivity. In particular, her short film ‘You Look Disgusting’ went viral after she highlighted the comments and negativity she receives about her skin and appearance, with and without makeup.

Em shares her skin journey and encourages us to normalise showing our bare face, regardless of how our skin looks. Since the video was released in 2015, Em Ford has become a pioneer in self-love and being your authentic self regardless of what others think.

We see her fight acne with a whole host of courage, whilst she provides us with helpful advice and reviews about products and treatments for acne-prone skin.



  1. @tashagreen

Second, on our list is Tasha Green a skincare, beauty and lifestyle influencer. She has collaborated with the likes of Liz Earle Beauty, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Love Beauty and Planet. If you want an honest and down-to-earth review about makeup, skincare and skin treatments etc. then @tashagreen is a great place to look! She is honest about her opinions and only works with brands that align with her views and ones she actually likes.

As a Vegan, Tasha opts for brands that use vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable ingredients in their products to encourage us to be kind to our planet. What’s great about her account, is that she isn’t afraid to be transparent and her recommendations are always affordable and on-trend. So, we had to add her to our list because she is one influencer you should be following!




  1. @thesundaygirl

For those of you that love photography and an even better flat-lay, then we highly recommend @thesundaygirl for her quality imagery and display of products that makes you want to buy everything she posts! Adrienne Sondag has dedicated her blog and Instagram to all things beauty and skincare.

Her posts are informative with tips and tricks on how to get glowing, gorgeous skin, whilst being one of the most aesthetically pleasing grams’ out there. What more could you want in an influencer? If you need another reason to check out her account then her in-depth, honest reviews of makeup and skincare products should be more than enough for you to start following…



  1. @my.skinology

Fourth on our list is @my.skinology, another great influencer for those that love an aesthetically pleasing account. London-based reviewer Elizabeth shares with us her journey with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and the effect it has had on her skin. She gives great advice on what to look for in skincare products and what she uses to combat the challenges that can come with suffering from the PCOS condition.

So, if you want products that work and reviews that get to the point whilst being witty at the same time, then you’ll need to check out her account!



  1. @skin_t__

Last on our list but by no means least is @skin_t__ , a Scottish born skincare influencer who has a skincare shelf that puts all of ours to shame. He has reviewed products from The Ordinary to Laneige and delivers refreshingly candid and honest opinions on each brand. He also caters to each skin type and gives online masterclasses about industry tips and tricks on all things makeup and skin.

Grant is a leading educator within the skincare community and a go-to skin and beauty guru – perfect to get trustworthy reviews and the latest products that actually work.



So this is it! Our five go-to skincare and beauty influencers that you need to follow if you want great tips, tricks or just general beauty and skincare advice!


Written by: Ruth Reid

Edited: Laurie Harris