Can a non-surgical procedure really help you remove unwanted fat from your body? Absolutely!

3D Lipo is being referred to as a miracle treatment that helps you lose fat in those stubborn areas.

The procedure is quickly gaining popularity as celebrities such as Debra Messing have been speaking publicly about its lasting effects.

3D Lipo is the dream treatment for those who’ve been struggling with belly bulges, love handles, arm wings, cellulite and other problem areas.


Here are 5 ways you can benefit from 3D Lipo:

1) It’s completely safe

Unlike actual liposuction, 3D Lipo is a completely safe, non-invasive procedure. You’re not going to be unconscious and nor are you going to go under the knife. The process takes 2 hours; you’ll come in, the machine will be connected and you can just relax. You can watch a couple of episodes of your favorite show or even sleep if you want! You won’t feel a thing. Once the session is over, you can simply walk off—no recovery time required!


2) It targets the squishy fat

The tighter parts of your body are sculpted much more easily with an exercise—it’s the squishy parts that are much harder to shape. Belly fat and the fat around your buttocks can be incredibly stubborn. Fat-freezing or “cool-sculpting” helps break down fat cells in soft, squishy areas so you can finally have that slim-waist you’ve been longing for!


3) 3D Lipo Helps shape your body

If you have large portions of fat in your bod then its best to go for 3D Lipo ultrasound cavitation. This is best for people who’re slightly over-weight and have thicker fat, like a big belly bulge or jiggly buttocks. 3D Lipo ultrasound cavitation helps you lose fat from large areas of your body and possibly drop a couple of sizes!


4) Say bye to cellulite!

woman going into the water

For the longest time it looked like cellulite was just something all women would have to live with—and then came 3D Lipo. It breaks down the string of collected fat cells that make your buttocks and legs look wrinkly and dimpled.

With 3D dermatology Lipo you can put your cellulite days behind you! It breaks down the built-up fat and smooths the skin so you too can have thighs like the girls in the magazines!


5) Tighter skin overall

Unless you’re exercising regularly, you’re likely to have loose skin in different areas of your body. Radiofrequency 3D Lipo helps tighten the skin so your body looks slim and toned. Just like you’ve always wanted!

We want all our customers to try out this miracle treatment so at Simply Clinics we provide 3D Lipo procedures at prices everyone can afford!

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