All About Aqualyx

We are very excited to announce that we have a new treatment that we will be offering at the clinics- called Aqualyx! So let’s jump right in and talk about what it’s used for and […]

What Are Skin Acids? The Difference Between AHA’s and BHA’s

Skin acids, AHA’s and BHA’s are terms used widely in the skincare world. But what is a skin acid and what’s the difference between an AHA and a BHA? Can they be used together and […]

Filler Migration 101

You may have seen the term “migrated filler” used a lot online. Many times it’s used when people are describing their horror stories with their filler experience, however, it doesn’t have to be so scary. […]

Introducing Profhilo

The New Year signifies a time of changes and a fresh start. We’re especially looking forward to 2021 as we have some new treatments to offer you, including one called Profhilo. If you’re someone who […]

2021 Skincare Trend Predictions

Whilst this past year has been tough for all of us, if anything, it has made us appreciate the importance of self-care and how much we value our beauty products. The unwelcome addition of Covid-19 […]

Best Skincare of 2020

As we approach the end of this long year (thankfully), it’s a great time to reflect on your skin health and skincare routine. Is there anything you would want to change about your skin? Or […]

5 Tips For a Sustainable Skincare Routine

You may have heard the term “sustainable beauty” being thrown around the web, but what does it actually mean? Sustainability is all about being a conscious consumer and purchasing products that are safe for the […]

Winter Weather Skincare Tips

Despite many of us being locked up in our houses due to lockdown restrictions, it’s important to get out and about to stay active and get some fresh air, even though in the last week […]
chemical peels

What is a Chemical Peel & what does it do? Types, costs & risks…

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – chemical peels are so much less scary than the name. It’s one of the most effective facial treatments you can have, as it combats multiple […]

Best Treatments for Age Spots

Age spots – just another thing we have to deal with! As we get older, we’re hit with a number of (annoying) skin concerns that can affect our aesthetic appearance. So added to the list […]
Chemical Peel

Super Skin: Transform Your Face With the GeneO+ Super Facials

Are you tired of having worn out and dull looking skin? Are you looking for a pain free, quick fix to beautiful looking skin? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our Geneo+ 3-in-1 super […]

4 Things to Know If You’re Thinking about Trying Dermal Fillers

We bet nearly every single person—irrespective of age, gender, or the part of the world they reside in—dreams of having clear, smooth, flawless and youthful skin. After all, the glow of your skin can’t only […]
London Chemical Peels

Get Your Skin to Glow with Obagi Chemical Peels

There isn’t a single woman who doesn’t crave skin that’s dewy, bright, and emits a radiant glow. This is precisely why women spend a lot on of money on skincare and beauty products that make […]