There isn’t a single woman who doesn’t crave skin that’s dewy, bright, and emits a radiant glow. This is precisely why women spend a lot on of money on skincare and beauty products that make their skin shine. 

But the truth is, the glow needs to come from within!

Makeup and all the highlighters on the market can give your skin radiance temporarily, but it goes away after one wash. For your skin to truly glow, it needs to be hydrated and healthy. We can enhance the appearance of our skin and its glow by trying to limit acne, blemishes, uneven pigmentation and sun damage; that is where Obagi Chemical Peels come in.

What are Obagi Chemical Peels?

The Obagi brand is a global leader when it comes to skincare treatments. Their products are extensively used by those who look for brighter, tighter and younger-looking skin which can be achieved through a chemical peel treatment. Women around the world swear by Obagi products and when combined with proper consultation and therapist offering the treatment, it has been said that Obagi products have resolved some of the most concerning skincare woes.

Obagi blue peels are a combination of salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids. The solution is applied directly onto the face, hands and neck by an expert. It penetrates deep into the skin and peels off dead skin cells, revealing fresher and younger skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure and hence, doesn’t need a local anaesthetic. 

The results vary from individual to individual and are based on the strength of the peel.



Obagi Blue Peels are effective against:

What does the treatment feel like?

On the first visit, your skincare expert will apply a layer of Obagi Blue Peel over the desired areas. The peeling isn’t instant and it will begin within 2–3 days later, ongoing for a few days. Since the entire peel doesn’t come off at once, it’s not painful. You might experience slight redness or swelling, but this will go away shortly.

For best results, it’s advisable to make a conscious effort to take better care of your skin after the treatment is over. For example, in future make sure you don’t leave the house without applying a generous amount of sunscreen!

How to get Obagi Blue Peels Treatment?

Obagi Blue Peels can only be obtained through an authorised skincare expert or practitioner and are not issues over the counter.

A trained therapist examines your skin concerns in detail and then administers the right quantity and concentration of the peels onto your skin. Although your skin will feel visibly radiant right after the first session, multiple sessions are recommended in order to really feel the full effects.


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