Some lucky souls have beautiful, glowing skin naturally. They are blessed with all the right genes and have embraced a healthy lifestyle that keeps their skin looking young and fresh for longer. The rest of us need a little more help. Our skin has taken a real beating from life. Whether it’s the harsh environment in which we work or our choice of food and drinks or just plain old stress—it all takes a toll on our skin.

Well the good news is that if we can’t have that youthful, firm skin naturally, there are other solutions—some of which don’t require large sums of money or going under the knife.

Dermal fillers are the perfect anti-aging solutions for people who don’t want to have to go under the knife. Different to their predecessors, the new dermal fillers in the market are designed for subtlety—they will help you attain that healthy glow without looking unnatural.

Thinking of getting dermal fillers? Here’s what you need to know:

1) They don’t contain as many chemicals as you think

New-age fillers contain hydraulic acid which is naturally found in our skin. They work differently to Botox; Botox relaxes muscles to smoothen lines, dermal fillers actually fill in the lines.

Hydraulic acid also has the ability to store moisture so it leaves our skin looking and feeling more hydrated.

2) A single injection can last for several months

You’ve probably heard that dermal fillers aren’t a permanent fix but they are good enough. Just one injection of dermal fillers can have affects that last up to several months, sometimes longer.

3) Subtlety is key

Despite what some Hollywood celebs will have you think, the best ‘filler’ looks are the ones you don’t notice. The goal is to look natural, and experienced therapists should be able to help you with that.

4) They can be used as a preventive measure

There’s no need as such to get fillers before you notice any fine lines but dermatologists have stated that those who do get small amounts of fillers early on, age differently to those who don’t.

5) The injector matters

Administering fillers is an art! The person injecting them needs to be aware of the movements of facials muscles and how plumping certain portions will affect your look. You should aim to look as natural as you can. It helps to visit dermatologists or skin therapists whose clients you’ve seen. Ask your friends who to they visit for fillers or seek out therapists who’re willing to share before and after photos of actual clients.

At Simply Clinics, we provide a number of anti-aging treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and micro-needling. Our skin therapists carefully examine your face and only recommend dermal fillers for areas where they are most needed. Our goal is to enhance your face so you look like your old self—natural and beautiful.

The prices vary based on how many areas are treated.

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