Your belly is the easiest place to put on weight and if you can’t get yourself to exercise regularly and watch your diet, the belly can be the toughest spot to lose unwanted pounds.

For most people, stubborn belly fat is what stands between them and the perfect hourglass figure they desire.

The rest of your body can be toned but the slightest belly bulge can alter your appearance which is why so many of us resort to doing as many crunches, pushups and planks as possible. But unless you commit to core-strengthening exercises regularly using the correct form, you’re going to struggle to get that flat belly – this is “fat-freezing” comes in.

Fat-freezing aka “cool-sculpting” or cryolipolysis is a revolutionary treatment that helps you shed stubborn belly fat in a matter of months (sometimes weeks) without any exercise!

It is a type of 3D lipo that targets pockets of fat around the body – usually the belly, buttocks and thighs. The procedure is non-invasive and safe; it’s perfect for people that are generally in shape but have trouble areas.

Here’s what you need to know about fat-freezing:

Who is fat-freezing for?

3D Lipo is often spoken of as the safer alternative to liposuction but this just isn’t true.

Liposuction is for people that are significantly overweight and need to lose fat from all over their body. On the other hand, 3D Lipo is for people who may be slightly overweight but definitely not obese. It helps target problem areas where fat has gathered.

Obese individuals tend to have much thicker layers of fat which cannot be broken down by cryolipolysis.

How does fat-freezing work?

The procedure is conducted by a doctor or an aesthetician.

When you into your session, the doctor/aesthetician will ask about the areas you wish to be targeted. They will assess your body and may mark the relevant areas with a marker. This area will then be clamped onto the fat-freezing device.

The device will suction your belly like a vacuum and proceed to freeze your fat cells. Once the session is over (after a couple of hours), the aesthetician will massage your belly to soothe the area.

Does fat-freezing hurt?

The initial clamping of the device can be uncomfortable.

Our bodies weren’t made to be sucked by a vacuum. Expect a cold sensation come over the area when the process begins but this only lasts a few minutes. The area becomes numb after a few minutes so you don’t feel anything at all.

Other than the pain of clamping and removing the device, the process is relatively painless.

Is there any recovery time?

You can experience some discomfort for a couple of days. Some people also develop bruises in the targeted area which take a couple of days to heal.

When can I see the results?

The results can be seen within 2–3 months. With fat-freezing it just takes a few months to lose several inches off your waist and get the abs you’ve been dreaming of!

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