The process of “fat freezing” or “cool sculpting” was first developed after a group of doctors found that children who regularly ate ice-popsicles experienced loss of fat in their cheeks.

Fat cells are more sensitive than our skin; they are more prone to damage compared to our skin cells.

Fat-freezing is a form of 3D Lipo. It has been made available for patients since 2010 for its ability to target problem areas such as love handles and bra bulges. Since then, fat-freezing has advanced and can be used to target larger areas. Today, it’s considered an alternative to liposuction by some.

Patients who have undergone cool sculpting are very satisfied with the results – freezing your fat works!

How does it work?

Cool sculpting involves using four paddles of different sizes to suck fat out of your body – similar to how a vacuum works. You will be asked to sit in a chair for a couple of hours and be set up with cooling panels which will crystallize your fat cells.

Does it hurt?

It’s not painful; you’ll feel a mild discomfort. There will be a suction and cooling sensation while the machine is at work but it goes numb. The process is surprisingly relaxing. You can take a laptop with you and catch up with your favorite show or just take a nap – it’s that comfortable!

Even though fat-freezing is being spoken of as  a replacement for liposuction, it is designed to target small regions of the body that are prone to the buildup of fat such as belly fat,  thigh fat, back fat, etc. Liposuction is a better option for over-weight or obese individuals.

Who can do it?

Skin therapist will usually ask your age before moving forward with the treatment. They should also consider whether the patient will look after having fat removed in their desired area. Because the suction panels can only freeze fat cells in the tissue which they can access, skin therapists will also check the thickness of the tissue (they’ll tug on your skin a little with their fingers).

How long does it take?

Like with laser hair-removal, fat-freezing requires several sessions for it to be effective.

Will I lose weight?

Losing weight requires you losing muscle mass not just fat. You shouldn’t expect your weight to change but your belly fat will disappear.

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