Lip fillers have gotten a bad name since the “duck lips” trend came along. If we were to believe all that we’ve seen in magazines, we’d think that the purpose of lip fillers is to give you enlarged lips – that look anything but natural.

Lip fillers don’t have to look unnatural if you don’t want them to; they can be used to just make your lips slightly plumper than they actually are.

When getting lip fillers you need to keep the shape of your lips in mind. Simply showing the dermatologist a photo of Angelina Jolie is just not going to work. All of us have lips of different shapes and when you inject lip fillers, each lip shape ‘blows up’ differently too.

Enlarging your lips the correct way involves injecting fillers in the right areas depending on the shape of your lips.


The heart

Lips of this shape have a very defined Cupid’s bow. Since they usually are naturally plump, you don’t need to add much volume to them. Fillers should be injected above the lip line to give the lips a bit of a lift.

The ellipsis

Ellipsis lips are pretty full as it is and they already have a defined shaped. Adding fillers to them can ruin their natural shape. Consider contouring them with glosses and lip shades instead.

The ribbon

Ribbon shapes lips consist of a fuller upper lips and a thinner bottom lip. In attempt to plump and define this lip shape, people make the mistake of using fillers too liberally on these lips and making them look completely unnatural.

The bow

Like ribbon shapes, bow shape lips are also difficult to work with. These lips appear a little stretched and longer than most lip shapes. For these lips, fillers should only be used on the edges; injecting the centre can make them look unnatural.

The apple

These lips are full as it is so they don’t really need fillers. Lips usually reach the centre of the eyes; apple lips shapes have great volume and height but they aren’t very wide. Fillers can be injected on the sides to widen the mouth slightly.


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