We’ve all seen the images of celebrities and Instagram models with horrible lip jobs that look completely unnatural. It’s understandable that people are uncomfortable with looking “done” but lip fillers aren’t to blame.

The enlarged, unnatural look comes from using lips fillers too generously and in all the wrong areas. In fact, lip fillers are a great way of making wrinkles around the mouth disappear, plumping thin lips and further defining their shape – they don’t have to look fake if you don’t want them to!

Here are some ways lip fillers can help you:




woman in her mid agesAgeing changes our face and it does the same to our lips too. With time our mouths become thinner and radial lines begin to form on our lips. If you previously had plump and radiant lips, they will begin looking more shrivelled with time.

You’ll eventually realize that plumping lip glosses and over-lining your lips is no longer effective. To regain your youthful plump lips, you can opt for non-intrusive procedures like lip fillers or go under the knife.

Lip fillers such as Hyuralonic acid products are excellent choices to restore your lips to their former glory. Hyuralonic acid is found in the body naturally and promotes the production of collagen. When applied by an experienced therapist, your lips will appear softer and plumper.



Defining shape

You don’t have to be old to use lip fillers, you can use them to better define your lips. It can be injected in different portions around the mouth to enhance the Cupid’s Bow, balance the upper and bottom lips and to make the mouth appear wider.

Remember, when it comes to lip fillers, the end result depends on the skills of the dermatologist/skin therapist who’s administering the injections. Be sure to go to an expert who understands your needs and doesn’t go overboard.


Avoiding Duck Lips

Be sure to make it clear to your therapist that you want the enhancement to be subtle. If you just want a slight lift to your lips, let them know.

For first-timers, it’s better to go for Hyuralonic acid lip fillers since their effects can be reversed if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

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We also provide other non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox and microneedling at competitive prices.




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