Luminis in Focus – Explaining LightSheer Duet Laser Hair Removal Technology

Name three words that come to your mind when you’re thinking about traditional hair removal methods.

How would you describe hair removal treatments such as plucking, shaving, and waxing?

Painful and messy are two words that pop in.

Time consuming is another word that accurately describes traditional methods of hair removal. Traditional hair removal methods can also prove to be costly, seeing how you’ll have to visit a local salon every couple of weeks!

More Efficient and Effective Treatment Available In the Market

Laser hair removal method has become popular for a number of reasons. Most importantly, laser hair removal targets the entire hair structure from the hair shaft and follicle. Selective photothermolysis is used in the process, i.e. short bursts of laser energy directly on to area being treated.

Rapid heating is necessary to prevent follicles’ regenerative structures; ensuring results of the treatment are longer lasting and even permanent in some cases. Which laser hair removal technology to trust with the important task of hair removal?

The Luminis Solution – Laser Hair Removal Technology at its Best

Known for providing the world with some of the best minimally-invasive clinical solutions, Luminis has changed the Surgical and Aesthetics markets for the better. Luminis is a global leader in its field and an expert when it comes to treatments that use laser and intense pulsed light.

Simply Clinics utilises Luminis technology for their laser hair removal treatments. The LightSheer systems, i.e. INFINITY, DESIRE, and DUET have become a well-established and efficient method for hair removal.

The technology promotes safety and quick effectiveness.

Two techniques are used for effective and comfortable hair removal, which are:

  • High Speed Vacuum Assisted Technology
  • ChillTip Sapphire Integrated Cooling

LightSheer hair removal utilises diode laser technology that uses either 805nm or 1060nm wavelength. This specification makes the treatment ideal for all skin and hair type.

What to Expect After LightSheer Treatment?

Appearance of the area after treatment will be different for every patient. Some hairs will shed immediately during treatment. Remaining ones will fall away from the follicle in the weeks following the treatment.

Are you interested in trying out laser hair removal treatment? Visit Simply Clinics at any one of two treatment centres for smooth and beautiful skin.