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Laser Hair Removal

At A Glance



Reduced/diminished hair on the treated area


Treatment time

15-120 minutes depending on number of treatment areas



None - skin may be slightly sensitive post treatment



Up to 80% permanent hair reduction

Laser Hair Removal doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. At Simply Clinics, we use Lumenis Lightsheer Duet and Infinity systems which work with diode laser technology. This is widely regarded as the gold standard in laser hair removal. We’ve chosen the best laser technology in the industry and we’ve also found a way to simplify the treatment areas. We divided the body into 15 equal areas, making it easier for our clients to choose which ones you want to be treated.

If you’re a client who has been told they cannot be treated due to having a darker skin tone-then look no further. This response is typical of many laser systems, as many struggle to differentiate the pigmentation between the hair follicle and the skin. However, our 1060 laser system in our Southgate clinic can successfully achieve hair removal results for darker skin types, easily and effectively. All you have to do is pick the areas you would like treated, and let us do the rest.

Please note, we do not treat male intimate areas.

LASER MACHINES: We have 805 wavelength machines available in Uxbridge, Bush and Chelsea. In Southgate, we have 805 and 1060. Our 805 machine is safe for photo-types 1-4/5 and 1060 is safe to use on 1-6 (darker skin tones). If you would like more information, please get in touch.


A.Laser Hair Removal uses energy from a specific wavelength to precisely target hair follicles, thereby destroying the hair follicle completely.

A.In most cases, this treatment is very effective for hair reduction. For the majority of clients up to 70-80% total hair reduction can be seen after 6-8 sessions. Certain factors, such as hormones, can affect the results and therefore it may take more sessions to achieve your desired results of complete hair reduction. For hormonal areas, we recommend 12 sessions with annual top -ups once the course has completed. For the rest of the body, we recommend 8 sessions with annual top-ups. It’s important to consider the stages of hair growth and how this impacts the effectiveness of the treatment; laser hair removal is successful when the hair follicle is at its active stage. Unfortunately, you cannot tell when the hair is at this stage, which is why the number of sessions needed is dependent on multiple factors. The thickness and colour of your hair type can also effect results.

A.With the use of the patented suction technology within our laser systems, most of our clients find it virtually pain free. Nevertheless, this does depend on the area being treated, the density of hairs in this area as well as your personal pain threshold.

A.As mentioned, our laser systems are able to treat all skin types. As long as the colour of the hair is darker than the colour of the skin, then we should be able to treat it successful.

A.Before starting laser treatment we will need to perform a ‘patch test’ to trial the laser on your skin. Don’t worry, you can begin your treatment 48 hours later!

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Please see below for links to our clinic pricing pages

50% OFF ALL PRICES FOR FEMALES* *Option for payment in instalments for four area packages and above. Instalments are to be paid at the beginning of each session. Males receive 25% off original prices.

50% off does not apply to Hollywood/Brazilian/Bikini prices.

Diagram Diagram

Laser Hair Removal Before & Afters

Pre & Post Laser Hair Removal Guidelines

Before Treatment


Shave the area being treated the day before your treatment, using soapy warm water. Inform us of any changes that may apply to the medical declaration form you completed


Wear tight fitted clothing on the day of the treatment. Apply any makeup or creams on the day of the treatment

Expose your skin to sun-beds, the natural sun or apply tanning products six weeks prior to your treatment

Use skin peels or any products containing glycolic acid or other active ingredients in the area being treated at least two weeks prior to treatment

Use hair removal creams

Bleach the hair

Remove hair from the root by waxing, threading, tweezing or epilating throughout the course of treatment


After Treatment

First 4 Hours:

DO: Keep the skin hydrated with creams suggested by our therapist

DO: Apply a cold compress if the area feels hot or uncomfortable

DO: Contact us if you have any questions

First 24 Hours:

Don't: Scratch the area after treatment

Don't: Use perfumed creams, soaps or lotions on the treatment area

Don't: Expose your skin to heat - e.g. the sauna, hot baths/showers or exercising for 48 hours after treatment

Don't: Exfoliate or perform microdermabrasion for 10 days after treatment

Don't: Expose your skin to sun - beds, the natural sun or tanning products for two weeks after treatment

Don't: Remove hair from the root by waxing, threading, tweezing or epilating throughout the course of treatment

Here's what our clients have to say about us...

testimonials testimonials Vector

“I started doing the laser and I couldn’t be happier with the results! After only two sessions, I can already notice the changes…Just amazing! They’re very professional and know how to make you feel comfortable. The clinic is really clean and tidy and I feel really safe doing my treatments here!”


20th February, 2022

I’ve done a few sessions of laser hair removal and I’m happy with the results. It takes a long time but it’s worth it. Mona is amazing. Always caring and friendly. She makes sure you feel comfortable and happy. Thank you so much ☺️


20th February, 2022

I’ve just finished my six sessions of laser with the lovely Donna D. Donna made sure I was comfortable and was super friendly throughout. The laser itself was amazing and I’m so happy with the incredible results after just 6 sessions! The clinic was always clean and staff were nice each time. I can’t recommend Donna enough! Thank you


Dr Youssef is truly skillful and talented at what he does. I had botox and Aqualyx recently and very happy with the results. I have also been going here for a few years now having laser hair removal and Dermapen. The results achieved so far are amazing and the therapist are always lovely and professional. They have the best laser hair removal machine and it gave me great results and most hair gone after only 6 sessions. Thank You 🙂

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