For many people, dark circles underneath the eyes have been a consistent problem since as long as they can remember. Whilst they can be camouflaged with makeup, it may leave you feeling self-conscious when they are not covered up. Dark circles under the eyes can make a person look tired and sometimes even unwell. Whilst there are a few different reasons why dark circles can appear, there are also treatments available that can help you eradicate this problem for good. In this blog post, we’re going to be explaining to you how dark circles occur and how tear trough filler can help to combat them!

Why do I have dark circles?

Dark circles can be present for a multitude of different reasons. In some cases, it can be the result of an underlying medical condition, so therefore we would recommend seeing your GP if you are worried about any other symptoms. As the skin under the eyes is very thin, they can also be more noticeable on people with a fairer complexion. This is because the veins and blood vessels here can appear to be more prominent which leads to the skin having a blue-ish or grey hue.

The most common reason however, is due to genetics. If you have had dark circles under the eyes for as long as you can remember, it is likely that it is a result of your genetic make-up (thanks Mum and Dad!). As the skin here is thin, it can sometimes lack volume. If you have genetic traits which mean that you lack volume in this area, it can result in the area looking hollowed and sunken. Whilst makeup and concealer can help, for some people the hollows are very deep, so it can only cover up the discolouration and brighten up the area. It cannot makeup for the lack of volume in this area, which is why you can often still see the dark hollows in photos due to the shadow.

Dark circles vs under-eye bags

It is also important to note that under-eye bags and dark circles are two different things, although they often get confused with each other. Under-eye bags are the little pockets of puffiness and swelling that can be seen underneath the eye. These are often present as a result of fluid-retention or can be caused by pockets of fat. This concern cannot be corrected with tear trough filler, but instead a surgical or medical treatment may be more suitable to treat this. If they are caused due to fluid-retention, then a few lifestyle changes such as switching to a low-sodium diet and drinking more water can help to alleviate this issue.

How can I get rid of my dark circles?


If you are a long-standing dark circle sufferer (as many of us are), you will be tired of people saying “you need to sleep more” or “you need to drink more water”. Whilst these lifestyle factors can play a part and of course help your skin overall to look more refreshed, it will not eliminate the hollows underneath the eyes. One of the best and quickest solutions to treating dark circles, is through treatment with tear trough filler.

The tear trough filler treatment consists of placing a small amount of Hyaluronic Acid based dermal filler into the under-eye area. At Simply Clinics, our Doctor uses a cannula for precise placement of the filler. A cannula is also a safer alternative to a needle, due to it having a blunt-tip. This means that it is much less likely to pierce a blood vessel or artery, which can cause some rare but serious complications. The filler is used to build up the hollowed area, smooth out the dark circles and give a refreshed and awake appearance. The results of this treatment on average last around 12 months and our prices start from £250. You can find out more about our tear trough filler treatment via our dedicated treatment page. Also, check out this blog post which tells you more about dermal fillers.

What are the results like?

Tear trough filler can truly transform the overall appearance of the face and for many people it helps them go makeup-free! Here are some of our under-eye filler transformations, created by Dr. Youssef Haffar:

tear_trough_filler tear_trough_filler


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