Have you noticed some small red and purple veins appearing on your face recently? It’s crazy how big of an impact some tiny veins can have on your confidence. We know that when it comes to your face, it is important that you feel happy about the reflection you see everyday in the mirror, that’s why we offer a treatment to remove these spider veins. 

So what are spider veins?

Thread veins also known as ‘spider veins’ are small blood vessels which are visible through the skin. They mostly appear on the legs or face and are usually red or purple in colour and often resemble a web, hence their name. 

If you’re wondering why these veins are suddenly appearing, there are a number of reasons why this could be; obesity, hormones, overexposure to sunlight, excessive alcohol use, history of blood clots, heredity reasons and occupations that involve long periods of time standing can also put you at risk. 

If you have rosacea you may also find that you are more likely to suffer from facial thread veins as the skin is red and flushed. 

A sudden change in pressure can also cause thread veins to appear in the face. Such as increased sneezing or even blowing your nose. Maybe you’ve had Covid recently and have been rubbing your nose more often than usual. This can all contribute to the appearance of thread veins on your face due to the additional trauma which causes the blood vessels to break. 

Treatments to remove them:

While there are a number of treatments out there for thread vein removal, here at Simply Clinics we offer a specialist treatment which targets thread veins directly. 

You may have heard of IPL or laser treatments to remove thread veins. But did you know, these treatments are used to treat a number of skin concerns and do not directly target the blood vessels. These treatments are therefore not as effective for thread vein removal. Also, with laser treatments, there is a risk of burning as it uses heat to break down the veins. 

That’s why we recommend Thermavein, a high end vein removal treatment, which targets the veins directly. Clients love the results they receive from Thermavein as they are instant! Watch this video to see how the spider veins magically disappear. 



Thermavein treatments are mostly used on the face and result in 50% reduction of red blood cells after each session. Take a look at how spider veins have been effectively removed from areas on the face using Thermavein:

Before and afters:

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