Hydrafacial Vs Superfacial – which one wins?

Last year we kept hearing the word ‘Hydrafacial’, surrounded by so much hype that we couldn’t look on Insta or read the latest Cosmo without seeing or hearing about it. But, fast forward a few months and in came the Superfacial, the latest treatment to ramp up the competition for the UK’s most effective facial. But what even are they, what will give you the best results and which one should we go for?! Read on to find out..



One of 2019’s most sought-after treatments, it was recorded that more Hydrafacials than Botox treatments took place last year and that is news we are shocked to hear! So why is everyone going crazy about a Hydrafacial? Lets look at what it really is;

  • It’s a medical-grade re-surfacing treatment
  • Cleanses and clears your pores and focuses on skin rehydration
  • Has to be performed by a Hydrafacial esthetician
  • There’s 4-6 steps to the treatment including cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and hydrating
  • Anti-aging & antioxidant properties

Obvious from the name, the main purpose of a Hydrafacial focuses on skin rehydration, resulting in an improvement in the tightness and plumpness of your skin, signs of aging (reducing fine lines & wrinkles) and skin tone and texture. We’d say it’s pretty similar to a Superfacial, however sits at a higher price starting from £150 per session. We think that’s quite an expensive starting price but have high hopes for the results. We’d say it’s worth a try, but lets see how it differs from the latest treatment;



Towards the end of last year, ‘Superfacial‘ became almost a buzzword – it started to pop up everywhere online, with reviews naming it as the treatment of the year, topping the Hydrafacial and beating it to the post as the future decade’s favourite treatment. So what is this treatment that promises us skin that looks 5 years younger?!

Superfacials are known to generally enhance the appearance of your skin, from diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin pigmentation, tone, texture and blemishes as well as renewing the skins youthful glow. The most popular Superfacials use patented GeneO+ technology which target skin rejuvenation, hydration and exfoliation. Here’s the breakdown of the facial of 2020;

  • Uses cutting edge patented technology
  • The GeneO+ system induces skin oxygenation, encouraging oxygen and blood flow to the skins’ surface
  • Combines a trilogy of treatments – gentle exfoliation, oxygenation, rejuvenation
  • Option of added skin tightening treatment via radio-frequency
  • Added ultra-sound to leave your skin tighter, brighter and firmer

With the option of having a standalone Superfacial or one with added skin tightening treatment, we feel this treatment is incredibly versatile and appeals to all skin types and ages. Through the infusion of essential nutrients and products suitable for your skin type, this facial is completely customisable and utilises either of two formulas; NeoBright and NeoRevive – skin brightening or skin tightening treatments. A course of 6 sessions is recommended for maximum results.


The Verdict

Both facials have their benefits and we can see why the hype was built so much around the two. However, as we compare both treatments, although they insist on trying to target similar results, we do have a favourite; the GeneO+ Superfacial – and here’s why we chose to offer this carefully executed treatment at our clinic.

Whilst the Hydrafacial focuses on cleansing, we found that in order to cleanse the skin on a deep level, a little more is needed. Extraction is key within this facial in order to remove all dirt and grime, yet within the Superfacial, the skin is treated at a deeper level thanks to the oxygenation that creates channels in the skin, allowing key ingredients to penetrate via our chosen serums and formulas.

The results of a Superfacial keep getting better and better over time and are not just limited to your first day of treatment – and with the option of skin tightening to top off the treatment, we feel it can’t be beaten! With prices starting from £45 per session (£65 if you choose the added skin tightening), the treatment offers incredible value for money with results that blow you away.

You can find out more about our Superfacials on our treatment page or by calling us. You can also come in for a free consultation if you’re concerned about your skin needs and would like one of our highly qualified therapists to advise you on which treatment is most suited to your skin type!