It’s one of lives known facts that hydrating your skin is one of the most important things to do if you want your skin to glow. If the goal is bright, tight and youthful skin, it needs to be hydrated from the inside out. So from hydrating it with water to hydrating it with products, a combination of processes is a must. We’re here to give you that guidance, so read on to find out how to get your skin to glow.



Hydrate From the Inside

You’ve heard it before, but we’re telling you again. Hydrate from the inside out to get the real glow! It’s so important to make sure you drink enough water every day to ensure your skin cells are supplied with moisture, and toxins are flushed out, leaving your skin clear and rejuvenated. Drinking water won’t just be replenishing your skin, it will help hydrate the rest of your body as it hydrates cells once it’s been absorbed and filtered through the kidneys. We lose water every day, and as our skin is an organ that is made up of mostly water, it’s essential to replenish! Try and drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day. You can now even buy bottles that encourage you to drink water, by giving you a time to drink a certain amount by!



Exfoliating your skin can be a huge step towards glowing skin. When we exfoliate, we’re removing the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving us with new, fresh skin. When you’ve said goodBYE to the dead skin, it leaves the new layer looking clearer, brighter, and more likely to reflect the light. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week for the best results. You can also find toners that have glycolic acid in them, which is a great exfoliator for your skin and slightly less abrasive in its toner form.

We also recommend that once a month you get a deep exfoliation, to get rid of the deeper layers of dead skin. The best way to do this is with a chemical peel! At Simply, we use Obagi Blue Peels – they leave your skin absolutely glowing and can really benefit skin concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation and dull skin. You can see our incredible before & afters on our Instagram, @simplyclinics. 


Vitamin C & Products That Make You Glow

Vitamin C is essential for your skin to glow. Your skin needs essential nutrients and anti-oxidants to be at its healthiest. Vit C is essential when it comes to repairing and regenerating new skin. It helps to repair damaged cells and keep your skin protected against external factors such as pollution and sun damage! Vitamin C also has many healing and repairing factors to it – its skin healing properties also help to boost the production of collagen and elastin- essential for youthful-looking skin as these are elements to our skin that deteriorate with age, so we need to focus on products and nutrients that help build them back up.


Vitamin C Products



Having deep, targeted facials are key for glowing skin. Our Superfacials use patented GeneO+ technology which leaves you with hydrated, exfoliated skin, as the OxygeneO+ feature provides your skin cells with oxygen and creates co2 bubbles, drawing oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin. The skin is gently exfoliated and then infused with essential nutrients – when it’s in just the right state to take them!


Glowing skin is youthful, fresh and smooth in appearance – and is the product of healthy and well looked after skin. Make sure you’re always wearing SPF, you cleanse properly and use products that are rich in nutrients and essential acids to provide you with skin that glows from the inside.

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