You aren’t alone if you have cellulite— not even close seeing how many people (more women than men) have this cosmetic condition!

Cellulite is commonly thought to affect people who are a little on the chubby side yet people who are slender and fit can also complain of this cosmetic condition.

So what’s cellulite and why does the world hate it so much? More importantly – is this condition hereditary with little treatment options available?

Following are some facts about cellulite and how you can make it go away with just a zap of the magic wand!

Fact #1: Cellulite Gets Worse As You Grow Older

Just like genetics, hormones can also play a huge role in the appearance of cellulite. This is why more women than men have to face this cosmetic condition.

As women age, their bodies start producing less estrogens i.e. a hormone that helps blood vessels to flow smoothly. Less estrogens production in the body automatically means poor blood circulation.

In turn, this decreases the new collagen production in our body and signals breakdown of older connective tissue.

Fact #2: Cellulite Shouldn’t Be Mistaken As Fat

People often confuse the two, thinking fat and cellulite is one and the same thing! In reality cellulite is just the bumps and dimples that appear on the skin after fat is divided into tiny pockets.

Cellulite can also be called as a specific form of subcutaneous fat which is generally found just below the service of the skin. The hips, thighs and buttocks are common places for cellulite to form! The reason why even thin people have cellulite is because everyone has subcutaneous fat.

Fact #3: Smoking Affects Cellulite Appearance

It’s a fact that cigarette smoke does a lot of damage to the human body. Cigarette smoke has also been known to reduce blood vessel flow and weaken/disrupt collagen formation.

This means connective tissue becomes stretched overtime and gets damaged more easily. The underlying fat shows through as a result. There are a lot of other ways smoking literally makes you look bad. To name a few:

  • It causes premature wrinkles and ageing
  • It can leave your skin dry and discoloured
  • Can contribute to stretch marks

Fact #4: Sun Exposure Worsens Cellulite

Another fact concerning cellulite is that lots of sun exposure actually worsens appearance of this cosmetic condition. UV rays while damaging to the human body, particularly attack cellulite in exposed areas.

This is one more reason to apply a good sunscreen religiously as the product protects skin’s ability for producing collagen. Don’t forget to slather sunscreen in these seven places for optimal result.

Cellulite looks ugly and noticeable but you don’t need fat reduction treatments for cellulite removal. Implement these tips in addition to opting for Simply Clinic cellulite treatment in London!