There’s still no permanent cure for the age old problem of cellulite but there have been development in treatments that can help reduce them significantly.

Since there is no permanent cure, people have had to resort to home remedies that consisted of vigorously exfoliating the cellulite affected area with a scrub.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite unfortunately affects 85% of women above the age of 20. You have to be really lucky to not have it.

There’s a layer of connective tissue under the surface layer of skin named septae. When septae become loose (due to genetic or poor lifestyle), fat begins to collect between the tissue, causing the skin to appear rippled—aka cellulite. Men have tighter septae than women so cellulite isn’t that big an issue for them. Also, women tend to have much thinner skin than men and are more likely to be impacted by hormones that lead to the buildup of cellulite.

To get rid of cellulite effectively, you will have to breakdown the fat that is being collected in the area – which home remedies cannot do.

Home remedies to treat cellulite

The most popular home remedies for cellulite include coffee scrubs. The antioxidants present in coffee can help reduce the appearance of cellulite but it is only moderately effective.

As mentioned earlier, no topical scrub will be able to break down the layers of bundles fat lying under the skin – no matter how hard you scrub.

The stimulants in coffee combined with the circling affect cause the blood vessels to widen and reduce the retention of water

Coffee scrubs may have a low to moderate effect on cellulite. They may reduce the appearance of cellulite for a week or two – but that’s about it.

Professional Cellulite Treatment

3D Lipo helps breaks down fat cells under the skin. Cavitation 3D Lipo is designed to treat areas of localized fat and deep cellulite. The fat cells are broken down using ultrasound waves. The fat cells are gone for good making 3D Lipo the ultimate cellulite treatment!

At Simply Clinics, we offer Cavitation 3D Lipo along with other 3D Lipo treatments such as Fat-Freezing, 3D Dermology and Radio Frequency.

We understand how frustrating cellulite can be. Our expert therapists will meticulously work to destroy all the collected fat-cells in the area so cellulite is no longer an issue for you! You’ll have tight and smooth skin in no time!

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