As we age, we develop loss of volume in our skin, wrinkles and other skin concerns. The main area where this is visible is on the face. One of the most disconcerting signs of ageing however has to be the under eye area. The presence of wrinkles, dark eye circles and the sunken eye look causes the area around the eyes to look tired and appear instantly aged. The under eye area is one of the main areas where volume loss occurs and for years there was just no way to rectify this problem. For many years, women were simply relying on creams and a good night’s sleep to combat tired looking eyes. Enter Tear Trough Filler! This treatment is by far one of, if not the most popular treatment in the Aesthetics industry and we are here to tell you why!


Tear Trough filler, also referred to as under eye dermal filler, is a non-surgical injectable procedure that involves placing dermal filler strategically under the eye area to restore volume loss or to blend eye bags into the cheeks, to make them less obvious. The product injected into the skin is mainly Hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally found in your body. Once injected, the outcome is smoother skin with more volume and a radiant flawless appearance. 


Is Tear Trough Filler safe?


Tear Trough filler is a relatively safe treatment and has very little complications when compared to other parts of the face. One of the reasons Tear Trough filler is an extremely coveted treatment at our clinic is due to the treatment being carried out with the Cannula technique rather than the needle method. This method of injecting is one of the safest as it dramatically reduces risks of bruising, swelling and most of all Vascular Occlusions. We cover risks and complications in depth in a different blog you can read here

There are mainly only 1 or 2 injection points on each side of the face, therefore the risk of bruising is significantly lower. It is extremely important that this treatment is carried out with a trained medical professional as they are able to deal with any complications that may arise immediately or after treatment. 


Can Tear Trough filler tackle my dark under eye circles?


This is an extremely important question when it comes to Tear Trough filler and the answer is yes and no. If the pigmentation under the eye is hereditary and you have always suffered with it, tear trough filler may not be the best treatment. However a sunken hollow look under the eyes would generally accentuate the darkness and placing filler here will give the appearance of a lighter under eye as we eliminate the hollowness. So to summarise, it may not be the one treatment necessary to tackle your under eye darkness completely, but it can significantly reduce the appearance of darkness under the eye if this is caused by hollowness. 

An example of reducing the appearance of dark under eyes with filler is shown below. 

How is the treatment carried out?


The procedure typically involves a thorough consultation with our Doctor who will assess your lower eye area. The Doctor will check the hollowness, thickness and pigment of the skin and advise if the treatment is best suited for you. The Doctor will then disinfect the area and prepare to carry out the treatment. A cream anaesthetic may be applied to numb the area however many of our clients get the procedure without the use of numbing cream. The Doctor will use a sharp needle to enter the skin in the upper cheek area as an entry point for the Cannula. The Cannula is then entered into the injection site and the product is strategically distributed under the eye area. 


The results with this treatment are normally instant. Over time, however, the area will become more radiant and hydrated as Hyaluronic acid attracts water over time and this will be visible over the course of the next few weeks. The treatment is a fairly quick one lasting around 15-30 minutes. We have included many videos of the treatment being carried out on our Instagram which you can view here. 


How can I Book?


You can book in for your Consultation and treatment here. Visit our website for more information on this procedure or call us on 020 8352 3523 to speak to one of our lovely Front of House members.