You have most likely heard of a Hydrafacial – that facial all over social media that uses a device with suction to extract congested skin. But have you heard of a Superfacial? We believe that the Superfacial is the most effective facial out there and here’s why…

Superfacials provide you with rejuvenated, hydrated and illuminated skin that appears more youthful after just one session. They use patented GeneO+ technology, one of the latest cutting edge technologies in the industry, combining a trilogy of treatments; gentle exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and deep facial rejuvenation. At Simply our Superfacials can be combined with Tripolar radio-frequency and ultrasound to leave your skin feeling brighter, firmer and tighter from your first session!

Superfacials are great at targeting pigmentation, dull skin, fine lines and blemishes and oily skin. Depending on your skin concern, this will determine which ingredients are infused into the skin. Something else we love about Superfacials is that they are suitable for all skin types! You are likely to also see results straight after the first session. However, for maximum results we recommend having a total of 6 sessions. To help you achieve your dream skin we also offer 0% finance options for 6 session packages.

Another bonus to the Superfacial is that it is cheaper than the popular facial, Hydrafacial. With prices for Hydrafacials sitting around £150, the Superfacial is a cheaper yet MORE effective option, with prices starting at £55 per session.

Not convinced by us yet? Take a look of these before and after photos to see for yourself how the Superfacial can make you look 10 years younger! This client has had 6 sessions of Superfacial with radiofrequency to achieve her skin transformation!