Let’s talk weddings and the must-have pre wedding treatments of 2022. With COVID19 putting nearly all marital celebrations on hold for the last couple of years, the 2022 wedding industry is ready to level up! In order to avoid any bride-zillas at all costs, we think that it’s essential to create a tight-knit beauty regime to ensure you’ve got glowing, youthful skin on lock for the special day. This means beginning your skin prep at least 3-6 months before you walk down the aisle. Why so long? Well, your skin can react to skin care products and treatments when you try something for the first time, so it’s important you allow reaction time for anything new.

Retinols, acids & the strong stuff!

It’s super important that you begin new skin care products slowly and intermittently. For example, you can’t just introduce a strong % of retinol and use it every day. 6-9 months before the big day, now’s the time to begin any new medical grade skin care. Products like Retinols can take months to show their effectiveness, so it’s essential to give yourself time to see results and introduce new products to your skin routine slow and steady. Begin any new ingredients 1-2 times per week, increasing usage when you see little to no sensitivity with your skin.

Aesthetics – when not to filler…

If you’re new to dermal filler, it’s important not to book in for some brand new lips the week before your wedding. Your body can react through swelling, bruising or redness when you have any aesthetics treatment, new to the treatment or not. Make sure you book in for your aesthetics treatment at least 3-6 months pre-wedding, so you can work closely with your Aesthetician to achieve your dream results without any tell-tale signs on the day!

Treatment time

So with medical grade skincare and aesthetics treatments in the bag, it’s now time to discuss the treatments. The right treatment for your wedding prep will depend entirely on your skin care concern or overall skin problems. Let’s take a look…


If you’re looking to combat acne, oily or congested skin, then a combo of treatments may be necessary. Starting with our Obagi Chemical Peel.  Our peels are mild enough that you don’t shed like a snake (contrary to what most people think!) yet strong enough that your active acne is calmed and relieved. We always recommend a course of 3 treatments in order to target aggressive acne. Our Obagi Peels include a combination of salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids, working to remove all dead and congested skin, leaving new, rejuvenated, youthful skin in its path.


We think we’ve won and come out the other side once we finally combat acne. But no – it kindly leaves scarring in its path. Scarring from previous acne can be incredibly frustrating once the active acne has eventually gone. Scarring can appear as pitted, icepick or keloid scars to name a few. When covered with makeup, these scars can still be visible which can affect your confidence – not something you want to worry about on the day of the wedding! Our unparalleled Microneedling treatment works to diminish acne scarring of all forms. The treatment works by using a needle-filled device to gently ‘injure’ the skin, in order to trick it into thinking that it’s injured. Injured skin heals faster and more effectively. Your skin will be rejuvenated and youthful after just one treatment, but a course of 3 is recommended for optimum results. If you’re new to the treatment, your skin can appear red and sensitive for 2-3 days after, so ensure you bear that in mind when booking in before you walk down the aisle! We use the latest Dermapen® device, the Dermapen 4 – it treats skin up to 104% fast than any other skin pen!



Here you can see how Microneedling has decreased redness, diminished scarring and reduced pigmentation from acne severely.


Pigmentation can come in all sorts of forms- sun spots, age spots, hyper-pigmentation from acne – all of which can appear on the face and body. Whilst using products such as Niacinamide, Azelaic Acid and Vitamin C can help to decrease pigmentation severely, treatments in the clinic can decrease these symptoms effectively and quickly.  Our Superfacial with Radiofrequency treatment has combatted pigmentation in many cases. Not only does this treatment reduce pigmentation, it can achieve brighter, tighter, more youthful looking skin. The Radiofrequency feature tightens skin to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Here you can see how this client looks 10 years younger after her Superfacial treatment!



To achieve the glowing, youthful, soft looking skin we all dream of for the big day, it’s essential you try these treatments at least 6 months prior to your wedding to avoid any adverse reactions. You will then also be able to fit in the optimum number of treatments for best results before it’s go time! However, it’s important that you don’t just book in for any treatment that takes your fancy – our skin experts are here to guide you, and offer you their advice on which treatment your skin needs.

For a free skin consultation with a member of our team to book your must-have wedding treatments, contact us at info@simplyclinics.co.uk or call 0208 3523523. You can also follow us on Instagram here for more before and afters.