Have you noticed any blemishes or small red veins appearing on your face or body? Are they affecting your confidence? No one likes to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, that’s why we’ve put together this blog on how you can remove thread veins. 


Thread Veins also known as ‘spider veins’ are small clusters of red or blue veins which appear on the face or legs. Although these types of veins are harmless, they are a common skin concern that can reduce confidence especially if they are appearing on areas of your face, commonly your nose or cheeks.


So why do people get thread veins? They occur over time, mostly due to the ageing process. They are also genetic so if members of your family have them, then I’m afraid you are most likely to get them too! Another reason you could get them is due to broken capillaries caused by skin trauma.


What do I do if I have them? It is important that you don’t unnecessarily touch or stretch the skin where the thread veins are, to avoid preventing any further thread veins from appearing. If the veins are on your thighs or the backs of your legs, try not to sit still for long periods of time to keep the blood circulating. Since thread veins aren’t dangerous, you do not necessarily need to remove them at all. But, if the appearance of them is bothering you, then don’t stress – there are treatments which are effective at permanently removing them.


The most effective thread vein removal treatment is called Thermavein and it works by removing the thread veins through the process of thermocoagulation, which seals the vein walls, resulting in them disappearing. 

Watch this video to see the spider veins completely disappear through the process of Thermavein!



Thread veins can be removed from multiple areas of the body such as the face and legs. Take a look at how the the veins have disappeared from this client’s nose, boosting their confidence and making them look years younger!

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