What are Russian Lips?

What are Russian Lips? Well, they’re the new craze, and if you are familiar with the world of Aesthetics, you would no doubt have come across the term ‘Russian Lips’ already. So what is it and how does it differ from the ‘Classic Lips’? 

Though every individual has a unique lip shape and needs multiple injection techniques to achieve the best results, Russian Lips is a term many use to add height to the lips rather than just volume. The specific technique will add volume mainly to the mid-section of the lips. This technique is ideal if you are looking for a flat side profile and more volume and height, specifically to the top lip. 


Classic vs Russian…

The classic and most common lip filler shape works with the client’s existing lip shape, adding volume using a horizontal injection technique. The classic lip shape suits certain types of faces. For example, if your side profile has a strong projection, generally you would require the lips to have a similar kind of projection for profile balancing. Therefore the classic lip technique would be best suitable for you. 


The Russian Lip technique is solely used to add height to the lips, lifting them vertically. This technique is suited to someone who has a longer philtrum (distance between the nose and top lip) and for those who have a very thin top lip. Using this technique, you can pull the bottom lip lower from the middle giving the illusion of a V shape. The lips appear flatter from the side profile and more lifted from the front. This technique is shaped using the fanning method of injecting. This technique works marvelously for people who have a longer philtrum or very thin top lip.   


Both techniques pose the same side effects and risks and both take a similar amount of time to carry out. Check out some of our Lip Filler treatments here.  


At Simply Clinics, Dr Youssef can achieve tailored lip shapes using the Cannula method. With this specialised technique, he is able to add volume to the lips whilst also adding height. Dr Youssef’s Cannula technique means there is significantly less bruising and swelling as there are considerably less injection points. Results will settle after 2 weeks. 


What does the process involve?

If you are still unsure which technique and lip shape would suit you best, book in for a consultation with our doctor to discuss your ideal results and aesthetic.

During the consultation, Dr Youssef will assess your lips and the desired expectation. We will go through your medical history and if the Dr feels you are a suitable candidate, you can go ahead and have your treatment on the same day. The procedure takes around 30 minutes and most patients describe it as a comfortable treatment. You will then be given after care advice and you can go about your daily activities with minimal downtime.

Book in now for your consultation. You can also contact us on 020 8352 3523 or email info@simplyclinics.co.uk