Baby Botox: Prevent fine lines and wrinkles


You may be familiar with the Celeb favourite ‘Botox®’, however ‘Baby Botox’ is the latest big news amongst influencers and celebs. The anti-wrinkle injection treatment is increasing in its popularity, particularly with the younger generation for preventing wrinkles or with those looking to start their journey in the big beautiful world of aesthetics.  If you are anti ‘frozen-forehead’ and pro subtle-changes when it comes to your aesthetics, then listen up for why ‘Baby Botox’ would be the ideal treatment for you. 


Gone are the days when big plump lips were a cult favourite – nowadays, people want ‘au natural’ and we are all for it! There’s nothing wrong with getting traditional anti-wrinkle injections and many of our clients prefer that look. However, if you are looking for something more natural and subtle, or you are just starting on your anti-wrinkle journey, ‘baby botox’ treatment could be your holy grail! 


What is Baby Botox?


Intended to counter the no-wrinkles look, ‘Baby Botox’ is a smaller, weaker dosage of Botulinum Toxin (Botox). Traditional Botox® uses a higher dosage and completely smooths the area injected, eliminating all wrinkles and minimising any movement. ‘Baby Botox’ on the other hand, involves a tiny dosage of Botox® in the usual areas – forehead, crows feet and frown lines.  It works in the same way, but its main aim is to achieve a more natural look with some movement still intact in the injected area. Though there is no standard dosage in ‘Baby Botox’, it refers to a technique called ‘micro droplets’ where fewer units are injected in precise areas to achieve a natural subtle look.


Who is suitable for ‘Baby Botox’?


This treatment is perfect for those who are just dipping their toes into the world of Aesthetics. It’s perfect for first timers and those who belong to the younger age group, looking to prevent rather than cure. ‘Baby Botox’ can be used pretty much anywhere on the face, but it’s best to erase fine lines or create subtle changes. If someone has very deep lines then this treatment probably will not be the best treatment for you. It’s best for younger patients, so if you have deeper lines you may want to go for the traditional Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. Click here to watch one of our anti-wrinkle testimonials.

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What does the treatment involve?


The first step would be to book in for your consultation with our Medical Director, Dr Youssef. Upon completion of your medical history and consent forms you will discuss expectations from the treatment and areas of concern. Once you are happy to continue, the procedure can commence and lasts no longer than 10-15 minutes. The treatment is carried out using a syringe, creating tiny injection sites in multiple areas. The procedure does not require numbing cream and most people describe the pain as very minimal. Upon completion, you would be given full aftercare on how to obtain best results and can even book in for a free follow up within 2 weeks. 

If you’re interested in booking in for a free consultation or your anti-wrinkle treatment, go ahead and contact us.

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